Explaining Huel to skeptical souls


An actual link to those guidelines would have been helpful.


That’s the problem, any short term crash Diet the weight doesn’t stay off. I’m using Huel for nutritionally complete meals that sate my hunger so I don’t eat junk (hopefully :smile: )
I did Atkins very successfully before but after doing it for a few years I started eating carbs again and regained all the weight


I am losing with Huel and MFP, slowly, and will maintain my bodyweight with Huel and MFP indefinitely. This sort of nutrition regime suits me perfectly. I feel I am in complete control and have not felt this good in a very long time :grinning:


A new updated Huel forum maybe? A forum with different sections for this and that. A section with the guides so it’s all on here to view easily rather than links here and there to the main Huel web site. It would be a lot easier for everyone as well as the new users. A section for our Italian friends and an off topic section ( the weekend section when Tim’s not here lol ) Even a customer service section. Just don’t ask me to create all this I couldn’t if I tried, I have heard of phpBB though.


No you didn’t, you entered a caloric surplus due to over consumption of carbohydrates.

Carbs don’t cause fat gain, they simply contribute to a caloric surplus because they’re like brain crack for some people and are easy to over consume.


Indeed. I am under no illusion that I have no willpower when it comes to carb intake. Therefore I feel it is reasonable to deem carbs as evil due to their inherently moreish nature :yum:


A slight oversimplification here. Going from Atkins to higher carb, you would expect to gain 1-4kg in a short time period regardless of calorie intake simply due to the replenishment of glycogen (and the water it attaches to) in the muscles.


Very good point, replaced weight with fat. :slight_smile:


To avoid explanation, keeping the Huel packet visible on your desk and pointing at the words “Nutritionally Complete Food” is as alternative option.


Criticizing someone else for trying to be healthy is like trying to pick on someone for going to the gym. It may not be their version of what is healthy, I can’t say much to their habits since I don’t know them but I’m willing to bet that they are 100% hypocritical if examining their own eating habits compared to what Huel actually is, which is real food. What does that say to someone’s character for criticizing people behind their back? They’re cowards and at the end of the day, don’t care what cowards think, just in my opinion.

Bottom line is, some people just won’t get it but I think that’s OK because at the end of the day, they’re not going to pay your hospital bills if you ate total crap either. Some people probably do legit care about your health but that’s very few, the rest are just being nosy.