Sceptical Huel noob

Hello all, Huel noob here, 1 week in replacing my work lunch with Huel.

My girlfriend is a foodie so you can image the look I got when the Huel arrived, but I tend to make very poor food choices especially when at work so thought I’d give it a try. I like the taste (Berry 2.3) and love it blended. I’m also at the upper end of the normal weight for my height so would like to loose a few lbs. I’ll check back in a month and let you know how it’s going.


Welcome, Neo.

As you’ve realised Huel is food. Nutrionally complete food. Its just that the chewing has already been done for you.

Show your girlfriend what’s in it. She may be surprised.

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Maybe she’s unhappy that it’s not “Instagrammable”? :wink:

Welcome, Neo! Looking forward to hearing your updates - it’d be great if you reported back in a few weeks that she was drinking Huel, too!


But, brother Laowai, this is not a cult… everyone has their free will to eat and drink as they please… why would we want to take over the whole world and be in every home and control every… oh yeah, shhhhh


Hi all
Just checking in, all good so far except for an increase in flatulence! I’ve ordered some orange flavored huel bars too.

PS no chance convincing my girlfriend though.

Maybe if she stands upwind of you she may be more likely to be swayed.


Hey there Neo!

I get this with new people I meet all the time.

“Oh it sounds like a great idea [token politeness], but it’s not for me because I’m a foodie [read: I love food and anyone that uses Huel hates everything about food and particularly hates making it and definitely doesn’t like socialising]

What I say is that I love eating whole food too, I would definitely consider myself a foodie. I always cook for my friends, gf, family and take great pride in learning new skills and entertaining people.

But honestly, do I enjoy cooking food for every single meal, of every day, every week and all year? No. No it can get extremely tiresome when really I want to do other things. That’s where Huel fits in, for your most inconvenient meals, when you’re forced to get a £3 meal deal or a panini and coffee from Pret which you have to take a small loan out for.

Look at the meal deal that so many are eating for lunch for instance:

  • it isn’t that cheap
  • isn’t nutritious (especially compared to Huel)
  • isn’t really that tasty
  • although convenient once you have it still requires heading out to the shops to buy it.

The point is that Huel combats those rubbish convenience food options. nd for me personally gives me more time in the evening to rediscover my love of cooking (compared to pre-Huel when I meal prepped everything #neveragain).

I’d ask your girlfriend to consider the next time she’s out and about and ends up shooting for something on the high street. I guarantee it will either be:

  • expensive
  • not nutritious
  • not that tasty
  • not that convenient

Whereas Huel is cost-effective, nutritious, tasty and convenient.

p.s. this isn’t really directed to your gf, I’m sure she’s a total legend, but I’m certain many here have experienced the same as you and might find this useful!


Can we get a version of this post on a t shirt? :wink:

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Hahahahaha legend

I’ve lost half a stone in 1 month by replacing my work lunch with Huel. It has definitely helped me cut out junk food during the day which was what I was hoping for. Thumbs up from me!


Well done! :slight_smile:

It’s totally instagramable…! :joy:

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