Moving towards a full Huel diet

Good morning, evening, day, or whatever time it is that you may be reading this.

Hi, I’m Aidan, so here’s a bit of back story:

I’ve been a fitness freak for a time previously and am working towards reattaining that goal. At present, I’m a full time student, have two part time jobs and run my own company. As you can imagine, I’m pretty tight for time, especially as exam season is starting for me.

I ordered my first batch of Huel a while back, just a 2 week supply, and used it to supplement my diet. I found it pretty fantastic, and while at first it tasted like a blend of cardboard, water and sugar (very odd considering the lack thereof) now I actually enjoy the flavour. I’ve just ordered a months supply with the intention of using it as a full meal replacement, hopefully allowing me more time to revise, workout and maintain at least some sanity in my life.

Just thought I’d drop by and write something of a post about how things are, and keep it updated over the course of the month that follows (And subsequent months hopefully providing this goes well). If you’ve got any questions don’t hesitate to ask, I’m studying Computer Science so it’s kind of required I spend a good bit of time on a computer so should reply promptly. I’m afraid I don’t have access to devices for measurements and the like so won’t be able to provide statistics.

Anyways, thanks for the read, and have a good day! (Or night… or whatever)


Thanks for the feedback, great to hear you’re getting on so well! It’s strange about the flavour, people often say the didn’t enjoy it at first but come to enjoy it.

Too be fair, Huel has never contained cardboard.


True. And get used to this after every improvement. People’s first reaction will be, “Why did you change; I hate the old Huel?!?” Three weeks later, “I could never go back to old Huel!”

This is also true :yum: haha!

And it’s exactly as you say, do you know if they’ve changed the recipe since January?

So, how’s it going - how much are you having and when? Starving, surviving or thriving. I’m on 335 + 322 getting a little thinner and light headed but basically feeling good. Spending a lot less time on the toilet :slight_smile:

Hey, it arrived today (I think, I’m at university so have to go pick up a parcel when they open later) so not quite onto 100% huel yet. The plan is, at least to start with, 2000 calories a day. Probably in 4 meals, and that’ll be breakfast (0600), lunch (1200-1400), dinner/tea(1800-2000) and a post workout whenever that occurs, currently quite late at night. I’m hoping the transition will be relatively ok as I’ve had huel in my diet since January and been through all the fun stages. I’ll have to adjust the above meal plan, probably by means of solid foods if it’s not enough substance for me. Seeing as my ‘maintenance’ calorie intake is around 3000, I think it’s likely I’ll need to add an extra meal in somewhere.

I’ll keep you posted as I move towards that goal :slight_smile:

Well, today is where I begin the fully Huel diet. So far I can note that the recipe has indeed changed since January where I bought my first batch. It’s a thinner mix and tastes a lot more seedy, am undecided on whether I like it or not. However, like last time, I’m sure it’ll grow on me, and it’s more than likely I’ll get a blender and start mixing frozen fruits into it too. Feeling energetic and ready for more revision, oh the joys of exams. Bonus that the weather in York is fantastic right now though.

I’ll continue to keep this updated, as I’m sure some people enjoy reading about this stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

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Come over to the dark side.

Off-topic: we 100%ers need our own slogan on a t-shirt…

“Go hundred % or go home.”

“Go Huel or go home.”

I think I have heat stroke… :sweat_smile:


I notice that your first order was Vanilla and this time you ordered Unsweetened. The vanilla is decidedly thicker, the flavour system contributes to this. Was this intentional?

@mr_high_kick Perhaps a t-shirt that says just #Gethuel or go home. New competition idea maybe!


Oh… that it was! I thought I had ordered unflavoured the first time. Thanks for that! I’ll have to take note of that and order vanilla for my next month :stuck_out_tongue:

Or a onesie!

I’d wear a Huel onesie! In the winter, of course.

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That just made my day!

Is that Photoshopped, or is it real?

nicked off facebook - probably get myself banned for posting it :frowning:

Ahh, I don’t use Facebook.

Did someone mention a Huel onesie?


Has Julian made that the official office uniform?

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If that had feet, it would be a better seller than Huel itself! Huel footed pajamas!

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I believe this is will feature as Julian’s Summer Bedtime Collection.

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Maybe you could all have a onesie day for charity.