My huel experience in 6 months

Thanks for all your contributions on the forums as I’m a big reader, first time poster.

I have been a Huel drinker for about 6 months after a recommendation from a friend. I’m 24, male, and having almost invariably 1 meal (breakfast) per day, increasingly now it is 2 meals (1 between lunch and evening meal). I’ve had a couple of near-100% days. I follow the normal recipe, blended and chilled ahead when possible, or with ice, sometimes with either cinnamon, coffee, banana, or spirulina / maca when I have experimented with them. Considering migrating to UU and/or gluten-free next. I did get a to a healthier weight but aside from feeding my body, I would say there are psychological advantages too: after eating, I experience a kind of ‘satiated clarity’, that I don’t have after other meals.

I was originally ordering in the UK and the shipping was perfect (unbelievable, in fact), now my deliveries are to Budapest, Hungary and have so far been one of the few things I can still order online inexpensively and trouble free, for which I am infinitely grateful!

Probably the single downside I can see is the questions that constantly have to be fielded that now just annoy me…this may be partly due to also being vegetarian / aspiring vegan and people being defensive or interpreting that as a criticism of their meat-based diet.

However, despite the usual skepticism to meal replacement / powdered food, since starting I have managed to convince a few other people to get on board too. As I replace more meals, I can see myself missing out the social element of eating or cooking together (colleague lunches, evening meals). That would be a loss. Similarly, although my partner is a Huel consumer too, she seems to crave ‘hot meals’ more than I do. I’m not sure how to get around this yet as I would like to replace more meals yet.

Most surprisingly, although my mum’s first response was “You’re not going to turn into one of those weirdos are you who doesn’t eat real food??”…I found out last week she placed an order too! Which must mean the website is accommodating enough to a 60 year old grandmother…well done on that front.

On a side note I just came back from skiing, and taking a bag of Huel turned out to be best idea ever. Restaurants are always crazy expensive, busy, and waste good slope time. Instead we had shakes, pre-made, which kept cold in the bag as it was already freezing outside, and could be enjoyed on the lift between runs. Likewise for the return trip by coach while everyone else was surviving on service-station snack food…

That’s it really, thanks for reading, nothing unique I think compared to what has been covered elsewhere in the forum, but happy to answer any questions if they come up!

tl;dr: thanks for awesome product to help me and those around me be healthy and happy, possibly the perfect travel food, for great international delivery options and the all important forum :slight_smile:


We need an alternative Huel T-shirt. One that with a jokey approach lists & answers the questions commonly launched at Huel users. This could be an option for new buyers in place of the existing minimalist freebie T-shirt. IMHO anyway.


Cool idea!
Something like:


  • Spaceman future food


  • Convenient (1min lunch), Healthy (perfect nutrition), Cheap (£1 a meal), Eco (Vegan, low waste)


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