Question for the 100% Huellers

I have been an on and off Huel user for some time now, and I love the taste, but tend to miss food. I have previously just had Huel twice a day, with a proper meal. Given that I have a weakness for food, which then impacts my training, I’m really considering going 100% Huel with the view that it might stop me falling off the wagon so often if I just come off solid food all together. Or I will last about a week!!!

What I am getting round to wanting to ask is, for those who are 100% Huel, how long did it take for it to become comfortable with? I assume there is a period of feeling low and tired due to the reduction in sugars etc?

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One month to get 100% used to having for all three meals. Regular withdrawals from solid food. I’d compensate for this by having some nice oily fish (smoked salmon maybe) or perhaps a plate of broccoli. No cravings for sweets/cakes. If I develop a sweet tooth I simply take a tea spoon, pick up a bit of my toffee flavour pouch and lick it. Instant sweetness! This and a lot of Coke Zero.

I still get withdrawals from real food, but I count all my calories in MyfitnessPal so if I end up noshing a bacon sani, I factor it into my daily calories.

I’m 3 weeks in to 100% Huel.

I handle it by one takeaway kebab on a Friday night as something to look forward to, and a couple of packets of seaweed thins every day for flavour (24 calories a pack)

Love the idea of building a kebab in! And do you feel tonnes better than just occasionally using HUEL? Is it a real noticeable difference?

I had a very repetitive diet before discovering huel and the idea of switching simply didn’t bother me.

I had 3 weetabix in the morning, a potato with cheese for lunch and a microwavable chicken chinese for dinner. Here is a picture of a mountain of ready meal packaging (Yes, I was extremely lazy and gross, feel free to judge me, I deserve it but I’ve since cleaned up :wink: )

I had this pattern for over 6 months, without a single change so I’ve instantly switched to 100% huel and been on it for a month without any withdrawl whatsoever (however this might change long term, we shall see :slight_smile: )

I think starting 100% huel diet is like quitting smoking; you’re giving up something that will constantly gnaw away at your mind the more you think about it, so you have to have quite a strong mindset going into it and sticking to it.

As for missing food, someone on the forums suggested chewing gum before or after which tricks the brain into thinking you’ve chomped down on a nice meal. I’ve tried it and actually found ‘bubble-mint’ chewing gum pairs quite nicely with the vanilla flavoured huel!

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I’ve been doing 100% huel monday to friday and then on the weekend having 2 meals at a similar kcal to the huel. I’m not really hungry but the biggest problem is eating because you are bored. If you do it like this you have something to look forward to on the weekend. I had a venison bacon cheese burger using leerdamer light and weight watchers bacon.