100% Huel back to food


I’ve only been using Huel for a few weeks - started off breakfast only for a couple of days, then lunch for a couple of days and then went to 100% for a week.

Transition was ok - bit headachy but out this down to lack of alcohol, sugar and salt after Christmas period as I’ve also stopped all of this.

I intend to have Huel 100% mid-week and then have 1 or 2 proper meals at the weekend. There may be times that I eat chewable food :slight_smile: mid-week but this is the pattern I’m aiming for.

So, after a week I intend to have something tomorrow - thinking a steak or a big bowl of Pho.

Questions are:

  • Should I expect some digestive…‘challenges’?
  • If no, is this because I’ve only been doing it a week? In other words, if you 100% Huel for a while and then go back, will your gut get a shock?
  • Any thoughts of the pattern described above (Huel mid week and most of the weekend with a few ‘hard’ meals thrown in a week)?

I’m hesitant to go all in as there will be times I can’t avoid (work etc.).

Any info / experiences you’d had would be great.


Interesting, I intend to go (near) 100% myself as well but treat myself to nice dinners in the weekend.
Just started this week, so happy to hear other (similar) experiences.

Do iiiiiiit

In the end I just had a curry.

So, after a week this is what I found (no gross details…)

  • I assume that if I’d been 100% for longer than a week things would have been different but after a decent portion of curry (and raw chillis) there were no issues digestion-wise, no cramps either.
  • My capacity for eating solid food was massively reduced.

I used to be a bit of a glutton, especially with curry, but this time around my portion size was ‘normal’.

For me Huel seems awesome as a weight loss tool - while it’s not a diet drink, i.e. if you overeat Huel you’ll still gain wait. It makes sticking to a daily calorie goal ridiculously easy. The bonus on top of this is that if you do mix chewable food in there, you can’t overeat.

Another thing I have noticed, last year I started using MyFitnessPal. This made counting calories and thinking about food much easier, but it was still a PITA weighing everything etc. Even then, when I was aiming for a calorie deficit, even a slight one, I was hungry constantly.

With Huel, even on a 400-500 deficit I’m never hungry.

Of course when I was using MyFitnessPal, I though have adjusted the kinds of food I was eating to not be hungry all of the time but Huel just makes it much easier.

I’ll be interested to see how it performs once I’m back on a bulk and head back to the gym…