Starting Huel as complete calorie intake


I’ve ordered the 112 meals of Huel but as I’ll be in calorie deficit I’ll actually be able to make this last 5 weeks.

The reason for my post is that I will be going straight into 100% intake from Wednesday morning. I just wondered who else out there has gone 100% Huel and any tips for consumption or other I should be aware of.

Thanks in advance.


Maybe ease into it over a couple of days? Going straight into 100% may cause some problems.

Yep, what @andeem said… and best refrigerated overnight.

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Could you elaborate on the problems please?

Gas, lots of it. And stomach pain.

If you rush into it you’ll likely suffer from a ‘confused’ digestive tract. There’s a hell of a lot of fibre in there and the protein content is also generous, so if you’ve indulged in a careless diet for the last few months or whatever (you’re aiming for a deficit so I guess you want to lose weight?) your stomach will likely be a bit upside down if you jump in at 100%. I eased in over 5 days, for which I was very gassy and a bit achey in the stomach. Since then, I’ve been around 90% Huel (the odd treat every now and then) and haven’t had issues since.


Thanks for your detailed response. My diet is reasonable and my protein intake is currently about the same as my allowance of Huel will provide. I’ve been taking fibre force to increase my fibre intake for a few weeks so I’d like to think I’m around that mark also.

I can deal with Wind and Stomach aches so I’m going to have the first half today as ‘normal’ food then this evening I’ll be having Huel and from tomorrow I’m going all in. Especially considering comments (on here and elsewhere) about the same consequences even with an introduction period.

I appreciate your advice and I’m happy with the risk.


Go for it. :slight_smile:

I went straight in to 2 meals a day and never had any issues and my diet wasn’t the best before. I do tend to get more wind especially of the bars. :blush:
I’ve been on it since July last year and the convenience is great. When working 12 hours I normally have porridge for breakfast, Huel bar & fruit for lunch and shake for evening meal.

Great to hear Mally.

I’m one shake down so here goes :slight_smile:

How did it go?

Decent, had a little stomach ache after the first one but then there after it’s been fine. Made Movement this morning :expressionless: and was decent formation so looking forward to day 2 :slight_smile:

Any update?