Anyone with experience of eating normal food after being 100% huel

I have been 100% since the end of August, feeling great- lost weight, my cholesterol is now smack in the middle of normal range rather than being high, I have lots of energy and my very dry eczema prone skin is much better than usual.

But the longer I stay on huel the more worried I get about eating normal food. I have some planned meals out with friends coming up, and of course Christmas. I’ve seen so many posts on here where people have had issues when first starting huel.

Does anyone have any experience of going back the other way? Any tips on not ruining what should be fun times with friends and family with digestive problems? And how easy is it to return to huel again afterwards?

Hi there,

You shouldn’t have any problems with reverting back to solid food. Since you have been on a very healthy diet since August, if you go for a blow out with lots of high fat/salt/sugar foods then that could result to some issues. However, ?I expect this would be the same for any big dietary switch.

Let us know how you get on!

I switch back and forth after periods 100% or 0% Huel and also spend time mixing both. Whenever you switch from one extreme to another I do find my body takes a few days to adjust. No massive digestion problems (except for the ones that I use Huel to control in the first place) but there are some effects on poop etc. I assume this is mostly due to fibre content (decent amount in Huel, not so much in my )% Huel diet).

However, I never had any problems with the occasional meal out whilst on an otherwise 100% Huel period.