Back to food for a while, what will happen?

Hi all,

I’ve not been drinking Huel for very long, just over week so far. Started as an experiment as I was tired of paying out £10 a day for processed unsatisfying junk at breakfast and lunch. Couldn’t be happier - it’s filling me up, saving me money, and I feel really good.

I’m going on an unexpected trip in a week and I’m wondering what will happen if I switch back to normal food? I’ve only just stopping farting my way around the office all day, and I’m wondering if I switch back to normal food if it’ll happened again.

If that’s the case, slightly concerned about the 16 hour flight!

Does anyone have any idea about if you need time to readjust to normal food?

Thanks for any feedback!

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I don’t think there are any norms here, everyone is different. I go from two or three meals a day to taking a few days off every few weeks. I notice that I feel bloated when I’m not having at least two huel meals a day.