Can you still eat normal food?

Hi, so just like the title says…

Can I still enjoy a nice meal now and then while on Huel. I ask this because I do enjoy going out for a meal with my gf now and then.

I’m just about to put my order in so any info I can get while I wait for Huel to come would be great!

Thanks in advance.

Absolutely, yes.
In fact, I think that’s what the majority of people here do - personally I use huel for breakfast and lunch during the week, and normal meals all the rest of the time. I would certainly miss having my ‘normal’ meals, both for the social and taste/texture aspects.

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Even Julian, one of the founders of Huel, has regular food in addition to Huel. Same for me, too. I tend to have one 100% day per week, and the rest of the week I have evening meals.

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Thanks for the response, looking forward to trying it.

Thanks Marcus, it’s nice to know I don’t have to give up on my dinner dates :slight_smile:

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