Using Huel once a week

Heya guys, I am thinking of purchasing some Huel to use as a supplement to a normal diet. I am perfectly aware that the best way in your eyes might be to go 100% or have it for breakfast and lunch, but I was wondering if you think there would be much of a benefit to have it for all three meals once a week.
My plan is to have one day a week where I only consume liquids, and this is the day where I would have Huel in smoothies and whatnot.
I am not convinced that my normal diet gives me enough vitamins so I am assuming this would give my body a bit of a regular boost.
So, do you think Huel once a week would have a beneficial effect?

It would depend on what your diet on that day would comprise of otherwise. If it was a junky, low nutrition diet then definitely Huel would be beneficial. If it was normally a well balanced, nutritious day of meals, then there would be little value.

It seems a bit pointless to me, but I suppose it depends on your diet for the rest of the week. I doubt you’d see much health benefit since the Huel you’d consume on that day would only give you the vitamins you needed on that particular day. It’s not like you’d be stockpiling vitamins to compensate the rest of the week.

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Thankyou guys, I completely see where you’re getting at. Basically I am not keen on replacing my entire diet with it, so I am trying to find a way to incorporate it into a regular diet without it completely overriding ‘normal’ food. I may try it as a breakfast thing if I am happy with the sample packet.

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Yeh, I would say replacing one meal a day would be best balance xx

I don’t replace all food with Huel, I mainly have it for lunch during the week because it’s easy to prepare and take to work. I have it for breakfast if I’m doing an early start as it keeps me full longer than a bowl of cereal. In the evenings it depends whether I can be bothered cooking. I don’t see much point in planning ahead, just have whatever you feel like at the time.

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