Newbie needing advice

Right I’m thinking about giving this stuff a go. I’d only want it as 1 meal replacement a day and ideally fit it Into a decent balanced diet. Is that possible or is it a 100% Thing? Also is there any trials or samples around I could try first

Nope, plenty of people just use it once or twice a day; the minority use it a total food replacement.

Unfortunately the company stopped producing sample packs some time ago, so minimum you can buy is 2 bags. Occasionally people on the forum sell bags they didn’t use.

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It’s certainly possible, I often just have Huel for breakfast, or just lunch.
There is no sample packs for financial reasons, but I’d recommend giving it a go, and just selling off any unused packets if you don’t like it.

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Perfect cheers everyone :slight_smile: will give it a go as I work long distance driving and sandwich shops everyday are not only expensive. But not healthy

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Absolutely, the main application of Huel is as healthy convenience food. I use Huel for lunch every day during the week to save me time in the evening and allow me to do other stuff on my lunch break!