Quick questions for someone on the fence

I am considering buying the Black Huel. 2 bags of 1530g each right? I would use Huel for lunch only. Would a 200 calorie Huel be sufficient as a meal? If so would that just be a levelled scoop of 50g? I simply add it to how much water roughly? 300ml? Then just shake and it’s ready?

Is it best to have it done the night before and kept in a fridge and kept cold until i drink it too? I used juice plus powder before and it was a pain needing a blender and milk etc, i’m a little sceptical with just water and shaking it. It’s ok? Am I right then in thinking if 50g is ok that one back would do 30 lunches so 2 bags would do 60?

Sorry for all the questions, £55 is a little expensive for lunches so just want to make sure I fully understand it all before I commit. I am buying this to help lose some weight on top of cycling to work and trying to lower my carb intake. The flavours I’d opt for are the salted caramel and banana. Thank you for your time and even more so if you reply.

Pretty much all of what you said is correct, I’d probably use 250ml water, but you can tweak it to what you find suits you best…

The only thing I’d disagree with is using 50g for a lunchtime meal. That’s probably not going to be enough to satisfy you and you’ll feel hungry too soon; especially if you are doing stuff like cycling.


Thank you for your reply. The price for me doubles if I increase 50g to 100g for lunch. You may be right about it not being enough though. Maybe if I add a banana and orange (seperate) to the shake I’ll be less hungry before dinner?

A medium orange and banana would give you another 150-200 cals too, so you’d be getting around 400 calories. They’d cost about 80p for both at a guess.

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Well the wife would buy fruit anyway so it’s not really going to cost anymore. The 50g would be about 75p compared to £1.53 a day. I think I’ll take the plunge. Worse case I’ll just add the fruit if it’s not enough.

What would you normally be buying for lunches over that period of time?

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I think it depends entirely on the individual whether 1 scoop/200 calories will keep you full enough. Height, weight, activity level etc… Will play a part.

For me, 1 scoop works a treat for lunch after training, but then I’m 5’2 and 60kg, I don’t really need that much to fuel me.

I’m down to just a sandwich and fruit now. Would cost £6 a week if that for the bread, cheese or whatever filling I was having. It would be £14 a week having 2 scoops. If it was dinner not really a problem but as it’s lunch it’s a fairly cheap meal in the first place.

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I’m 5’9/10 and 12 stone 10. Used to be 11 stone only a few years ago but 2020 was difficult for me with exercise and eating well so want to take at least a stone back off now.

I’m down to just a sandwich and fruit now. Would cost £6 a week if that for the bread, cheese or whatever filling I was having. It would be £14 a week having 2 scoops. If it was dinner not really a problem but as it’s lunch it’s a fairly cheap meal in the first place.

A home made sandwich might work out cheaper across the week, but it probably wouldn’t work out as nutritionally complete as Huel would. I think you need to build that into the cost as well. You’re paying for convenience and nutrition.

I know the cost can be put people off. I can only buy it when I’m feeling flush because it’s a lot of money to buy the minimum 2 bags when you don’t have that kind of money kicking around. But over the years when I’ve used it, I’ve loved it

No you’re right, it’s probably more nutritional with Huel. Even if I am only having 50g? I’ll test it and see anyway. If I’m happy with it then maybe I’ll make 2 bags last a month rather than 2 :slight_smile:

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Yes always a good idea to try it out first

I’m guessing if you looked at the nutrients in 50g of Huel, and then compare it to the nutrition in the same amount of calories of your usual sandwich… the Huel would win

If you were interested, we’ve looked at shop-bought sandwich, although different to the homemade one you are making and comparing to your Huel, it shows the difference in nutrition in general against a sandwich. It’s also using v3.0 not BE, but the vitamin and mineral content is very similar.

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Thank you all for your replies. I’ve decided to give it a go. It arrived yesterday so will try it for lunch today but I’ll have some fruit first. I’ve heard it’s best to drink huel after you’ve had a little something for it to settle on.

Huel doesn’t need a little something for it to settle.


Huel is food. Human stomachs are used to getting food put into them.


I started with Huel v3.0 3 weeks ago, I have 1 scoop once a day.
If I have it for breakfast I tend to make it the night before and put it in the fridge, if its for lunch I make it in the morning.
I use 250ml of water and have berry and vanilla (which I have been trying the flavour samples with).
I don’t generally feel hungry but might have some carrot sticks as I like an afternoon snack at work and would be tempted by biscuits otherwise!

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If I am not working out i’ll only use one spoonful with a banana and that seems to get me through lunch.

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Thanks guys. 1 scoop for lunch today filled me up more than I thought it might which is good. I’ll add some fruit to my lunch and that should see me through to dinner :slight_smile:

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