Nearly three weeks in

Nearly three weeks on Huel, and I just love it, I’m losing weight, not hungry, and feeling so much better!
I eat a meal when I fancy it, but otherwise stick to Huel, it is perfect for me - thank you. :slight_smile:


What’s up johill! Happy to see you’re loving it, I’ve just placed my first order and have been looking around to see how others are getting on!

Do you find yourself craving regular meals at any point? How often would you say you eat food in a week as opposed to Huel?

Great, thanks for the feedback.

How many Huel servings are you having in a day?

Hi Mattioso,

I can honestly say that I’ve never been hungry on Huel, but if I do fancy eating out, or a meal with friends, that’s what I do, I can’t say it would suit everyone, but it’s perfect for me.

Hi @johill,
Thanks for your feedback! Great to hear you’re getting on so well. I hope it’s ok if I use your post on Huel’s facebook, twitter and instagram platforms. Let me know if there’s any problem with that.



Sorry, I didn’t see you post Sophie, yes - please feel free, I’m over the moon with Huel. :slight_smile:

Hi Jo, Eddie Andrew told me about this and that you have been following this diet. Are you still on it and how’s it going. Should I order?