Huel on alternate days

Hi there! We’re new to Huel. Would like to lose a bit of weight, but don’t feel a major overhaul of our diet onto just Huel is sustainable. Has anyone tried using Huel on alternate days, as part of a continued healthy diet? Any thoughts are welcome.

Huel, like a lot of other meal replacements, is simply food. Whilst it is possible to only consume it for all your calories, this is by no means the intended use case, and nor is it the norm. The most common usage for these products in general is one meal per day. My speculation would be this is either breakfast, where the norm is not particularly nutritious; or lunch, where a meal replacement shake would likely be a cheaper and healthier option than what is often available, especially to those who get a short lunch break.

So in short, you’ll be absolutely fine using Huel on alternate days, but there’s no need to consume it for all your calories every other day - indeed it may be easier for you to just replace one or two meals each day, and have a regular meal or two in addition. But if you do choose to alternate days, there’s no reason at all you wouldn’t be successful.


That pretty much sums up my thoughts. I probably eat Huel 350 days a year…never in the evening…I was always rubbish at eating breakfast, and Huel has solved this…although quite often I still don’t eat it until late morning/lunchtime. I normally have 2 Huel meals a day so the latter is mid afternoon. I work from home most days, so can eat it when I want.

I have a healthy (or sometimes not so healthy) vegan meal in the evening.

No reason you couldn’t eat it every other day though.

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