How many meals shall i replace?

I want to lose weight asap, and i’m always on the go.

Can you replace every meal? Breakfast, lunch and dinner? Or is this just wrong?

Whats best? I want to replace all meals if possible for the convience… any thoughts before i give it a go?

I’m not the most knowledgeable yet. I do know you can do 100% Huel, but you really should work your way up to it. Start by replacing one meal or even part of a meal, then slowly switch more and more.

The reason you want to do this is you are changing a major habit – your diet. If you’re like me, you might be strongly tempted to eat more because while Huel is technically everything you need, you might be used to feeling fuller and thus might want to eat more. Also, your body just won’t be used to such a rapid change – I have read about people who had digestion issues because they switched to 100% Huel overnight.

You are bound to experience changes to your body, but you won’t know if you need to change your portions, wait out the body responses (tiredness, hunger cravings, constipation), or drink more water or whatever else if you just change everything at once.

I think you should begin replacing one, work your way up to three and if you then feel like you want to replace the last as well, then try it.

I started off by just replacing one meal a day (my breakfast) for about a week, then adding the second meal (lunch) after that, and that way it didn’t mess up with my digestive system too much. I like having an evening meal that’s not Huel, but I know lots of people then go on after another week to switch to Huel for every meal, and maybe have a snack of fruit or nuts during the day. So having a full Huel diet is totally possible! I think it might just get a bit boring after a while.

Definitely try it for 1 or two meals to start with, because it can be a little shock to the system to have a liquid diet. Plus you’ll full, which is great because it will eliminate snacking completely - at least that’s my experience.

Also use the calculator to work out your calorie needs, and then you can have as much or as little huel as you need to reach your goals. :smiley:

Thanks. I kinda dived in and replaced both breakfast and lunch for two days and it gave me an i lncredible headache around 30 mins after on both days. Worst pain ever.

Headaches seem to be all over these forums.

So i’m just replacing breakfast for the week now.

Thanks for the replies

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