Struggling to jump from 1 to 2 meal replacement

Hello all,

I was following Huel for a long time and decided to give it a go last week and ordered 4 pouches.

During the last whole week, I could replaced one meal (lunch) with Huel everyday.
After my breakfast, I had one Huel (3 scoops) at around 11:30am and a second one (3 scoops) around 2pm-ish.
*My aim is to put some weight on.

I wanted to carry on and replace dinner too, but my body said No. I kind of had cravings, but not for sugar, just something salty maybe and found myself at restaurants around 4-5pm.
Instead, I tried having a bar of oats etc., but it didn’t cut the feeling.

I don’t like to push it too hard at this stage, but wondering if I’m missing something or I need to take it easy for a longer period before going 66%?

I would be grateful if you can share your experiences on this.


I have Huel for breakfast and lunch and I find that I have NO HUNGER whatsoever, even on relatively few calories, which obviously I am thrilled about since I am using Huel to lose weight.

Huel seems to kill my sweet cravings beautifully but by the evening, I am seriously craving some hot savoury food, exactly as you report. Maybe some savoury Huel flavours would cut it. But on the plus side, I think I get even more enjoyment out of my evening meal now!