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Can I replace meals with Huel, or still have 1 meal looking to lose fat but also weight train

Here is a helpful guide:

Huel is food. Therefore you can replace one meal a day or all of them or anything in between. It makes up around half my calories averaged out over time. Some days I might not have any, some days 2 or 3 and a bar.

Just received my huel today and they are mixed and ready for tomorrow. I have calculated my calories but just wondering which one to go with I excercise x3 every week doing a bounce class if I class this a upto moderate I can have 1450 calories (with -500 for weight loss) or 1690 calories if I class as moderate. Which do I go for??? The classes aren’t easy, but are fun and they are equivalent of 1hour bounce class is 3 hours running.!!! So would love people’s thought thank :blush:

It’s not possible to say, because everyone’s body is different and there are lots of factors to take into consideration.

I would say the best thing is to pick a particular level of calories and stick to it for a week (say for example 1800), and see whether you lose weight and how fast. Then you can adjust the calorie level accordingly.

Thanks for that :+1:t2: I have been reading people’s threads and seeing how they are using huel & how much etc which is really interesting. I’m going stick to the 1450 and see for a week and change as needed, thanks again.