New to Huel advice


Wonder if anyone could provide some advice I have just ordered and am wondering about calorie count.
I am 5ft 7" and 13st 10lb I am planning on having 1000 calories a day 2 shakes will this be enough?
wondering if anyone else has any experience of this.
Don’t want to put body into starvation mode as i have found with diets like that in the past weight just comes back with a vengeance as soon as you start eating normal food again.

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1000 calories is no where near enough. You’re going to do a lot of harm.

Aim at 2200 calories. Do that for two weeks. Weigh every day at the same time. Track weight in my fitness pal. If you go up, calories go down. If you go down, bingo, but keep track of how fast you’re losing as more than 1kg per week starts to get dangerous.


I would think that for most people 2200 calories a day is not going to produce much weight loss, depending of course on activity levels. Most very low calorie ‘diets’ these days operate at about 800, 1000 would come into low calorie range, and should produce quick weight loss results. However, I believe, that maybe aiming for 1500 calories will also give good weight loss, because if you are using Huel as a meal replacement you will be sure of the actual calories and 1500 will be 1500, whereas with a ‘food’ diet it is easy to miscalulate and be tempted by other foods. And then as you say losing the weight more slowly, incorporating it into a way of life as it were, should help you to keep the weight off more easily. I’m not an expert tho…and I need to lose weight…again! :joy:

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Hello, there is a good guide on how to work out the calorie level you should be aiming at to lose weight, here:

Thank you all for help a lot to think about.

Gosh at the moment I have a sedentary lifestyle and checking on calorie intake it read approx. 1400 a day, so I don’t think 2200 will be ok for me, would be nice though :joy:

I’m male and a similar height and weight to you. Over a number of weeks of monitoring my calories and exercising I discovered I need a net of 1500 calories a day to lose 1-2lbs a week.

Remember net is after exercise. If I didn’t exercise that day I found only consuming 1500 very tough. It was much easier to eat 2000 and do 500 calories worth of exercise.


2200 wasn’t a suggestion to lose weight, it was a suggestion to help establish your maintenance calories. Once you have that you begin to look into eating at a deficit. Picking a random number out of thin air is potentially dangerous.


Depending on your previous calorie intake I would think you’d get very hungry on this.

I have 2 scoops for breakfast and 2 for lunch, then a healthy dinner - lean protein with large steamed veg or salad, low carbs for main meal.
I also may have an apple or banana as a snack if I get hungry in between meals.

I am 5 foot 9, started at 11.8 stone, but have lost the 8lb doing the regime above for past 5 weeks.

My job is sedentary so I also do a bit of jogging and yoga at least 5x a week.

Good luck.

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Hi I’m on day two of Huel and a total newbie.
So far I’ve got vanilla huel and bars to choose from with the trial flavour additions (my hubby has coeliacs so has been using bars for work snacks) I am 5 ft 4 inch and 89kg, so weight loss is my aim.
i struggle with arthritis and had surgery last year on my ankle so I’m just starting to get back into walking the dogs but any more is not possible.
I’m really wanting to know how much huel or bars I should be aiming for, I did the calorie counter and it said 1300 as I classed myself as sedatory, does this sound right? I thought I’d try huel for breakfast and lunch then a regular meal with the family at night. If 3 scoops of huel are 456 cals is a bar 250? Have I got that right? Sorry loads of questions but I just don’t want to go over or under. To meet all my dietary nutrients requirements how much huel a day do I need to consume? Any advise much appreciated. :blush:Must say, so far I’m enjoying the flavour of both huel and bars.


I started today had intake of 1313 calories consisting of 2 shakes 1 huel bar to top up but going to stick to shakes most of the time and a few cups of tea with semi skimmed milk cant stand it without.
The bar is 250 cals i am going to only weigh myself once a week at a slimming world class.
Aiming to take in no more than 1500 cals a day feel fine today on what i have had.
Weight last Wednesday was 13st 8lb lost 2lb through normal dieting will update next Wednesday see how results are for this week.
My work is manual so move about a bit but not got back to the gym yet if i do i will take in more calories on those days.

I agree with others here. My take is similar with a few small differences. First take a week of one Huel serving per day to get your system used to it. Then you should probably start on 2000 calories the first week, Huel only, no food, till you get used to a Huel only diet, and then drop to 1500 calories a day Huel only, no food. To make it easier on you, maybe you could reserve one day per week to eat one good wholesome meal with a wide variety of good foods in it and small desert treat. This is to help keep your spirits up, and give you something to look forward to every week, a reward for your efforts. That’s what I think anyway.