When do you consume Huel?

  • Breakfast only
  • Lunch only
  • Dinner only
  • Breakfast + Lunch
  • Breakfast + Dinner
  • Lunch + Dinner
  • Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

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I usually consume Huel twice a day. It can be any two of those three but unless I’m doing 100% Huel for a while it could be any two of the above. But as another swerve it could be mid morning and mid afternoon.

I’ll often have Huel as a mid-afternoon snack between lunch and dinner, about 4pm. People say to me at that time ‘how odd you’re eating powdered food’, while they tuck into their unhealthy pastries, biscuits and cake…

On weekdays, I have a Huel shake for breakfast and lunch, and on weekends, I eat normal food. I’ve been doing this for a while, and I appreciate the diversity and balance it gives my diet.

I don’t have particular times, it just depends on my day. I’ll eat 4/5/6 times split through the day.

Just as and when for me. No particular routine.

I’ve been adhering to huel for a while, and I find it advantageous for giving my diet variety and balance.