Huel and daily meal plan

I just ordered my first Huel. The coffee flavour, hoping to fix my nutrition as well as to get an extra boost from caffeine during the day.

Alongside using Huel, I am also planning to create a basic daily meal plan for myself.
So far it’s very all over the place. There isn’t a specific amount of meals that I have during a day and there isn’t a specific time I have those meals at either. A lot of the food I eat is junk food.

Im looking to cut out all junk food from fast food restaurants however I’m not looking to cook very often, maybe once every week at most. I am looking to replace the fast food burgers with sandwiches with tomatoes/cucumber. And add a little bit of l veg and fruit to my day. Anything else I should look into to start eating healthier?

Is Huel a good replacement for breakfast, or any other meals for that matter? Or should it be just taken alongside normal meals? Whats the recommended plan for lazy newcomers? How many meals a day should I be having and when should I eat them?

Thanks in advance,

It is to replace as many meals a day or whenever as you need, and is designed to provide a complete meal. So technically you can use it to replace breakfast one day, lunch another and both another. Use when convenient. It doesn’t replace a single meal or single time of day.

For a newbie, bear with it…you may not like it much first time you try it, some love it, others abandon it after one attempt. To me the coffee flavour is a little understated not overpowering.

Don’t rush in and replace all your meals, maybe just one a day if needed for a week or so, ten two if required. Most people don’t replace all their meal, some do.

Refrigerating Huel overnight makes it better for most people.

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Welcome to the forum, Matt! Great to have you on the team. @hunzas has offered some (rare) great advice. It sounds like Huel is ideal for you to cut out the junk food.

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Hi Matt. I’m a newbie too. Hope you enjoy Huel. This is Day 17 for me and I’m loving it! :grinning:
I replace breakfast and lunch with Huel (Granola for breakfast and Huel shake for lunch) and have a ‘normal’ meal for dinner. I use myfitnesspal to keep track of my daily calories as I want to lose a bit of weight. I work on a daily 500cal deficit which is losing me in the region of 1lb per week. Huel makes it very easy to count calories plus I really enjoy it. So far so good!
I replaced one meal the first day (lunch) and then jumped straight in and replaced breakfast and lunch the next. Everyone is different though. See how it goes :grin: