New to Huel, where do I start

Hi all,

Looks a good bunch on here.

Ok so I ordered a sample yesterday which should arrive tomorrow.

What I’m hoping to get from Huel is to replace 1 - 2 meals a day.

At the moment I eat waaay too many carbs. I work out quite a bit and am in reasonable shape but I gotta stop eating as much as I do.

What I’m thinking is breakfast at 6.30 (eggs and wholemeal toast)
Protein shake post workout + fruit at about 9.30

11.30 huel (usually i eat something here)

2.30 usual lunch - tuna sandwich and fruit etc - maybe replace with huel later

5.30 evening meal with the family

8pm usual snack - peanut butter etc

My weakness is I tend to snack so I’m hoping the fuel will keep me feeling fuller.

I’m a bit worried about the wind issue… I’m a wedding photographer and letting rip during a service isn’t going to go down well with my clients… any advise here or will I be ok on just one Huel a day.

Also flavours… should I stick to vanilla or add some of the flavours to it?


Replacing one meal/snack per day with Huel is the best way to start. Build up slowly.

Start with vanilla Huel, then maybe try some flavours later. Luckily, the flavours go well with vanilla anyway.

60% of my meals are Huel and I don’t experience any issues with wind.