All in after dabbling

Like a lot of people I read up on Huel first, interested to know if it really could be total food replacement or a gimmick associated with the product. Like lots of others as I’ve gotten into my late 30’s my exercise has declined without me realising, I guess becoming a taxi for my kids activities, and have become more a coach than player nowadays too. It was time to address it.

At first I dabbled with Huel if I’m honest, the novelty factor. I read that people should ease into it and I started with 1 Huel a day and an Evening meal, in reality I was cheating myself as I would fill my face at evening meal time. Then I stopped doing the Huel and just had an evening meal plus evening snacks. It was not working.

I think I have one of those personalities that has to go all in, if their is a clause to exploit I will, so by going all in it’s clear to me what I can and can’t have. I started Monday just gone with the intention of 3 huels a day each with 3 scoops, however, i found that a breakfast Huel about 9.30 am and a busy day I wasn’t hungry or snacking, I was drinking lots of hot water though as well, meaning the hunger started about 5, at which point i had my second. Since Monday I can honestly say I haven’t felt hungry or had any side affect but it is early doors, and I will make an effort to consume 3 a day because two won’t sustain me I’m sure.

I find the vanilla, 3 scoops and coffee powder at under 500, gives me the consistency I like, and I do like it. not too keen on the berry but have two bags left, so I better start.

I also started light ish cardio sessions at the gym to start off, I’m positive now I’m on my third day I can do more. I have an apple a day to crunch on something. That’s the thing I miss, I’m sure I will fail at some point one day shortly, but I hope I stay close to the program. We all like to see a change and when it occurs it drives that desire to carry on, I will post an update next week. I’m 5,10” and 14 st. I want to lose 2st, previous experience tells me the first 1 will come off with dedication to Huel and regilar exercise, 12 stone 8 and below seemed my stop point.

Many thanks to anyone who reads this, not eating proper food has been weird, but as it becomes the norm hopefully I will think about it less.

Best wish to anyone on their personal journey.


Good luck! Stick with it!

Hi Darren. Don’t set yourself up to fail. You can do this, and more. Go to it man! :+1::grin: