Eating healthier

Hello Everyone.

I am a newbie. I hope you are all well.

I’ve been lurking here for about a week reading up in this Huel stuff.

3 years ago, I contracted Norovirus twice in as many months. I was very ill.

This basically set off a lactose sensitivity that is random in its severity and occurrence.

I’m also 38, I have a severe sugar addiction and I’m heading towards being like my diabetic and overweight uncle.

So, the time has come.

I can’t diet. I just snack. So a total change is what is needed.

I’m 5’7” and 93kg.

BMI is 30.9 (terrible metric)

I do play 5 a side once a week so I’m not totally unhealthy.

Today was my first day. I have the mint choc and berry.

The mint chic is fine. Berry is less so but I’ll drink it.

I’m going for 2, 2 scoop shakes (breakfast and lunch and 1, 1 scoop shake at about 3 o’clock followed by a decent meal.

This gives me about a 500-1000 deficit.

I’m aiming to get healthier, there isn’t a target weight as such but I guess about 75kg would be a good place to be.


I’m going to use st and lb as a weight measure.

My wife can’t do kg. They ‘mean nothing to her’.

I wasn’t asking her to have a relationship with them.

Anyway. Starting weight is 14st 8lb.

Goal weight is somewhere between 11 and 12 st.

The weight is largely irrelevant. I need to cut out simple sugars.


Good luck. Tomorrow is the end of my first week. I’ve had no side effects, feel good and it has stopped me craving junk as much. I’m hoping for good numbers on the scales tomorrow. Someone told me my skin was looking great today!!


Download MyFitnessPal if you haven’t already to count calories! 75kg sounds about right

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I’ve not felt hungry, just not full. It’s quite odd.

We’ll see how the weigh in goes next Monday.

OK, So,

As i am on a PC now and not my phone, I’ll be a bit less lazy about this :slight_smile:

I have swapped out my lunch at work for Huel.

It was usually a meal deal with extras.

To cut a long story short, i have always been too lazy to do nutrition properly. I am acitive and if i want fuel, i eat Mars Bars and drink Coke. they are the best and cannot be bettered.

I eat pleanty of greens and nutrition at dinner. This is just lunch thats the problem.

This has led to me putting on weight and after a particularly nasty Infected Prostate :O, I have called time on my shenanigans and resolved to sort myself out.

Luckily i am active.

So how has Huel beed 3 days in?


A touch of gas,
Some funny looks from my colleagues and i feel ‘empty’ but not ‘hungry’ which is better than feeling bloated by a long way.

With the afore mentioned lactose and gastro issues, i was dreading it a bit but it has been fine.

I’m not even really missing the coffee i’m now not drinking either.

All in all, a good thing.

If i can stop myself smashing the whole bag of Mint-Choc!


Happy Monday Folks.

So, I feel better.

I’ve had a week on Huel now and i feel better. I feel lighter inside and less pressured inside. I even feel like exercising.

Early last week, i essentially forgot i had breakfast so was having 5 scoops of Huel, + Breakfast + Evening Meal. I also had visitors in at work which always leads to beers and rich food. So i was probably calorie neutral by the end of the week.

But I’m happy to report i am one of the lucky ones. No toilet troubles at all.

The scales have not shown any real drop in weight. But like i said, I don’t really expect to after last week. Feeling better is good enough for now.


14st 6lb today.


Morning all,

I love an almond milk latte.

As I am working from home today, I thought I would make my Huel with 400ml almond milk this morning.

It turned into a pudding. Honestly, a 700ml shake is like a 300ml made with water. It’s great. Of course, that would cost a bloody fortune but I could easily drop a scoop with this. I was waiting to get used to the Huel before trying to seriously calorie count as I’m a hungry beast.

However, i’ll Try a 2 scoop 700ml almond milk shake this afternoon and feed back.

So, 700ml might have been a bit much.

Still thicker than a 2 scoop with 700ml water.

Bad news.

My wife found my Huel and is now wanting in on the action. What’s the betting I end up financing that?

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2 scoops on 700 ml ?
I’m at 4,5 scoop (171g) at 850ml :sweat_smile:

I’m 20kg overweight mate :rofl:

If only we could switch, haha :rofl:
I could really use a few more, just won’t happen :expressionless:

So, 14st 4lb this week.

4lb drop.

I’m not doing my regular exercise as the lights are out in the footy pitch. :pleading_face:

So all in all, not too bad.

But definitely not as fast as some.

My wife for example has dropped 8lb in half the time.



Best to lose slowly as it allows your body to adjust.

I seem to be stuck at 14st 4lb.

But I’m running and playing footy weekly. So it should be under the calorie count.

Just not shifting any weight lately.

Down to 14st 2lb.

It seems that 1lb a week is accurate.

Though infuriatingly slow.

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Over the last few years I’ve slowly gone from 15st 8lbs to 12st 3lbs. Along the way I also got stuck on certain weights which it seemed impossible to get past. I was doing nothing different than before. Eventually I would get past them and then carry on losing weight as normal until the next sticky point. I don’t have an answer for it but you’re not alone.


I’m really impatient when it comes to weight loss but 1-2lb a week really does add up in the long run. Plus, its just giving me healthier eating habits and that takes time to sink into the unconscious mind. Stick with it, you’re doing great.


I don’t know whether you figured it out, but you only need to add about 100 ml of almond milk to thicken your Huel up. I don’t understand how it works, but it does.