All In


Well I’m all in! Arrived today. Starting my new food life tomorrow and after doing a lot of reading on here and the internet I’m drawing up a plan today! :building_construction:

I’m excited to start… :checkered_flag:

I’ve got the two powders both gluten free. One mint chocolate and one berry. Then I went and got a pack of Berry drinks and a pack of Vanilla drinks. And I got the sample pack of flavours for the powder too, to mix things up a bit. :grapes:

I’m doing this for weight loss, to become vegan or at least 90% vegan. I’m already a vegetarian. And I want to get more vitamins and nutrients in my diet. And also I usually have about 5 or 6 takeaways of fast foods a week. So this could actually end up saving me money and prevent me having a heart attack! :broken_heart:

Wish me luck. Open to any advice! And I shall give an update!

(I am not being paid to share this. I am not loyal to any product yet. This is just my opinions and view of Huel. And maybe me sharing my progress might help new people have an idea of what starting Huel is like)


Good luck. I was vegetarian for years before I made the best decision I have ever made in my life to go Vegan.
I do not know of one Vegan who does not wish they didn’t do it years before for both ethical and health reasons.


Good luck on your Huel journey.
I also used Huel to move more Vegan amd on Huel I have had so much more energy.


Yes I’m defently hoping to get rid of that sluggish feeling after eating fast food! I’m also off work this week so if it takes a bit for my body to get used to Huel it’s good I’m at home mostly.

So just had my first Huel meal…


And I enjoyed it! I was excited yet nervous in case I didn’t like it! So yay!


Haha both RTD flavours are easy to get into. The powder will be harder to get right at first but you’ll get there I promise! Good to have you around :handshake:

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I’ve just made my tea using the Huel Mint Chocolate powder Gluten Free one…

The one thing I’m struggling with is…

I’m calorie counting for tracking my meals and I can’t work out how many calories is in it…


I’ve made it near exactly as it says (though without the ice cubes as I don’t have any) so three scoops and a total of 600 mls of water. But yeah can’t work out the calories. Does anyone know off hand??

3 scoops (@ 38g per scoop, I weigh mine) is around 463kcal according to MFP

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Thanks for that. I’ll use that measure on my log!

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Always best to weigh as scoopfuls can vary a bit :grin:
I wouldn’t be without my digital kitchen scales.

Below all the nutritional information, there is mention “Per 2000 kcal (xxx grams)”.
So, you can do the math. Scoops are usually around 30-42g, but I always weigh mine to be sure. :wink:

So I reckon I may have made it with a bit too much water! I prefer the RTD soo far. But it is drinkable… Just

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I also think the mint might of been a bit too strong (Well VERY strong). So going to try the berry tomorrow!

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I sometimes add a teaspoon or two of cacao powder to Mint-Choc because, like you, I find the mint a bit overpowering.

I did make a slight mistake really. I ordered the powder in mint chocolate and berry and I didn’t get a none flavoured one to try the flavours. So I’m going to make an order on payday

Though I’m wondering. Do I order the vanilla one and add flavours to that. Or do I get the original one and add flavours??

I like my food sweet. But I don’t understand how I go about adding flavours

(So turns out that Original and Vanilla 2.3 are both vanilla flavours)

(And adding flavours is very easy. Just a teaspoon of the flavour added to the water)

My first bags from huel were mint chocolate…it was awesome…then tried vanilla and now i wont ever change…vanilla flavour is magnificent!

Just for information, RTD and powder are different products. You will never get the powder to have the same creamy thick texture RTD has with just water.

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Totally appreciate that. I just don’t think the chocolate mint ones taste was quite there for me. No actual problem with the texture though I did it a bit watery

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Hey FYI vanilla and original are both vanilla! One is new and improved, the other is original vanilla. IMO new and improved is a serious improvement but their are some odd folk that prefer the old school. Both are sweet, but new and improved does have a sort of toffee flavour :man_shrugging:t2:

If you’re talking about Unflavoured and Unsweetened, this one is not for the faint hearted. Very earthy and plain. You will be quite happy adding the flavour sachets to your choice of vanilla I’m sure