Starting to eat breakfast and ditch the meal deal

Hi everyone,

So i have just received my first Huel order, got myself a bag of Vanilla and U/U to start with, along with some flavour boosts (the taster pack) and am looking forward to trying my first Huel tomorrow for breakfast… :sunglasses:

I have decided to give Huel a go for a few reasons, mainly to start eating “better” whilst at work. At present, i don’t eat breakfast and at lunch i will find myself in Tesco grabbing a meal deal and possibly something else. :pig_nose: When i am at home, my eating habits are okay, but not great.

So Huel is going to hopefully mean that i start eating breakfast and not pig out on a calorific meal deal at lunch time. My side aim is to lose some fat, as right now i am heavier than i should be and have started to notice it. :nauseated_face:

I will be weighing myself in the morning before work, to get an accurate reading and will continue to do so probably once a week, to track progress. On top of this i will be returning to the gym that i have been paying membership to for the last 6 months and have only been as many times :rofl: (although i feel that i should wait a few weeks to avoid the “new year, new me” army).

On top of this i’ll go back to tracking as much of my food as possible with an app i have previously used, i tend to be much harsher on myself when i am tracking food intake.

So fingers crossed i like Huel, as i think that this could be a very positive change in my lifestyle. If i can lose fat whilst doing it and feel better, double win! :muscle:

If anyone would like to share any advice or tips, that would be greatly appreciated (I have done some digging on the forum and saved a few threads already!) :sunglasses:


I hope you’re joking sunshine! Get yourself in the gym tomorrow!

Good luck with the Huel you will love Vanilla it’s delicious. If not, try different thicknesses, temperatures etc. In fact just come back here and tell us what’s up we’ve probably seen it before and can help! Enjoy


Thanks! Today i decided to opt for the following as my first Huel:

3 x U/U Scoops (I have ordered some scales, to measure accurately)
400ml (upped to around 500ml)
Banana Flavouring (taster pack sachet, think it was 2g)

First impressions of Huel… U/U is very earthy (as expected) and even though i have added the flavouring i have had to add a little sugar to make it go down a little easier! Looking at the instructions on the taster pack i think i now understand why it says for U/U to use 1.5 scoops and 300ml water! :face_vomiting::rofl:

I am going to see how it settles before going for it at lunch, but so far so good… (minus the self inflicted flavouring issue)

Your aims (and bad habits) are exactly the same as me. I am aiming to cut out buying the rubbish food for lunch and having a generally more balanced and controlled diet. I am going straight in to Huel for 66% of my meals (Breakfast and Lunch). I had noticed pre Xmas that i was getting in to the habit of buying breakfast sandwiches or similar from the cafe at my work place and i knew I needed to do something.

My top tip so far (2nd day :rofl: ) is invest the time in to blending your Huel the night before and getting it in the fridge. I read this so many times yesterday after forcing down my first 2 meals of sandy gritty stuff and didnt believe that blending and refrigerating could make a significant difference. Wow, i was wrong - its much more milkshake/smoothie like this morning and going down with ease (Mocha Flavouring + extra espresso shot)

I am on the U/U as i thought id be able to experiment more wiht flavours but i have since ordered some Vanilla because i think i am going to prefer the sweet base.


Try mixing the Unflavoured with the Vanilla. I also put 100 ml of Alpro Almond milk (roasted, unsweetened) in with the water and it thickens the Huel up. I don’t know how, but I like it :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m on the same journey too with the same “meal deal” avoidance plan! My husband has been on Huel for a while but when I tried it, I found it gritty and just bleh - he is a shake and drinker. So I ordered a batch of the pre-mixed to see if that helps and boy it does. So much smoother and drinkable. I am going to try blending the poweder the night before and refridgerating as many have suggested, as hopefully that will be closer to the pre-mixed stuff.

I am only a couple of days in and I am struggling with hunger - no version of Huel yet has had much impact on my hunger but I think maybe I need to give it a bit longer. I cannot have huge portions as I am only 5ft tall and do not need a huge number of calories, so it’s not a case of just upping the amount for me.

Good luck and I hope it works for us all!!

PS First day working from home and heard slurping - apparently my cat loves it! IMG_7327%20(4)


Nice one! Glad to hear someone else is in the same situation as me :sunglasses: (and more importantly doing something about it)

Yeah i have seen this tip everywhere on here. I’ll give it a go, does it need to be overnight or can it be a few hours? Not sure if i fancy lugging two bottles of Huel into work each day! Although i may be able to make and leave in fridge at work overnight… :thinking:

Sounds like there has been a meal deal revolt over the Christmas period :rofl:

That’s interesting on the hunger point, i felt pretty satisfied with my breakfast Huel this morning. More time is needed to know for sure if i get hungry i suppose. (Starting properly on Monday, today was just a taste test)

Good luck too!

Sounds interesting, will for sure consider mixing things up a little once I’ve found my feet with Huel. My error today was having too much Huel and not enough flavour booster :nauseated_face:

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Even just a few hours makes a difference. I often mix my lunchtime Huel when I’m measuring out my breakfast granola and it works fine for me. Just for a change, this evening am making tomorrow’s lunchtime shake and see how much better it is chilled overnight.

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Ice cubes and a blender works too if you’re short on time.


Cool, think i will give this a go. I’ll come up with some sort of rota in my head so that i always have a Huel in the work fridge ready to drink after an overnight chill :muscle:

I’ll see if i can sneak a blender into work… :sunglasses:

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Was thinking if you made it in the morning before work instead of the night before :wink:

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The lunchtime shake that has spent the night in the fridge doesn’t taste any different to the ones I make in the morning and refrigerate till lunch. Either way is delicious to me :yum:


Had my first Vanilla flavour for breakfast this morning… Pleasantly surprised! After the U/U experience i wasn’t expecting much in the flavour department but it was drinkable :slight_smile:

So i have just got my lunchtime Huel out of the fridge (made at about 07:30 this morning) but i haven’t added a flavour to it… Is it too late to add a flavour boost or can i just add and give a good shake? (I’ve used the Vanilla powder)


Decided to stick with the Vanilla and not try and shake in the flavour booster…

Wow the fridge makes a huge difference in flavour and consistency :smiley:

I’ve had a few of those “fad diet” looks from some coworkers though…


I have never added flavour powder once already mixed, though I can’t see why not. As long as you give it a good shake afterwards should be fine.


Always gonna happen :grin: Just direct them to the Huel website and let them see for themselves.


Yeah it probably would have been fine :sunglasses:

Yeah i’m basically ignoring it, it’ll stop!


I tried the U/U pack once. Mixed it with coffee, fruit juice, anything that I thought might make it taste better. In the end I used low fat drinking chocolate powder and that made it palatable.
I have tried the coffee Huel- but not really enjoying it.
I love my vanilla Huel. I do 400mls water from the fridge. Two scoops. Shake for a while and drink. It works for me.
It’s helped maintain my weight, I think I’m going to up it to lunch as well as I’m a) enjoying it, b) need to get rid of the spare tire…
I have also got a box of bars, for when I have to be out quick. They don’t taste particularly great, but I just think about the benefits

I love my Huel, it’s simple and easy (I’m a bloke, it’s what I need)


I would like to venture into mixing Huel with some other bits over time… (chocolate powder sounds good!) I am tempted to bring all of my Huel home and make it the night before work, but scared of carrying over a litre of Huel in my rucksack on my morning commute!

Doing it this way would open up a range of new flavours, as the use of a blender would be an option… But then i have to remember to make it in the evening… Otherwise back to the meal deal

Digging this out of the grave a little, but thought i would just update this instead…

I’ve been using Huel since January, not religiously but replacing the majority of my breakfast and lunches at work (except on Friday) but have fallen off of the rails a few times, mainly when my colleagues are going to get something good for lunch :see_no_evil:

When i started Huel i weighed in at 107KG, i am now sitting around 102KG now so progress is being made, even if it is slow!

I’d like to get to around the 95KG mark for June, so need to be a little stricter with myself