Time to get skinny and fit

Hi everyone, I have really been enjoying reading the posts in this forum.

After seeing some adverts on Facebook for Huel, I have ordered a week’s worth of the vanilla flavour one! Super excited to get it on Monday or Tuesday, also the free shaker and T-shirt ( whether I will want to wear it in public or not I’m not sure!)

I have been trying to lose weight since a couple of months ago, and I have in fact lost 8 1/2 pounds. But my weight lost stalled, and I often find that I just don’t have time to cook healthy and varied meals. I’m hoping that Huel is going to help with that, and make things simpler because I don’t have to think too much about food or options.

I have also got the Breville mixer that a lot of people have talked about on the forums. That comes with a couple of containers to drink out of which looks really handy :slight_smile:


Hey, you sound exactly like me, except my weight loss didn’t just stall, I put it all back on again (I quit smoking and replaced fags with sugar!) Also too busy to cook properly. I’m really looking forward to starting with Huel on Monday/Tuesday too. How are you planning on using it? I’m thinking replacing 50% of my daily calories with Huel.

Hi Dreamer, it’s nice to hear that someone else is about to start on the same journey! Are you in the UK as well?

I was thinking of trying it out for one meal a day for a couple of days, and then adding using to make it breakfast and dinner. I have lunch at work and don’t want to answer questions about the huel, so will probably stick to having a healthy lunch with normal food then!! Also I am less likely to eat unhealthy things at lunchtime because of peer pressure :stuck_out_tongue:

I have heard that the taste can be a little difficult to get used to. I have cocoa powder on the ready to add to it if it doesn’t taste nice (also instant coffee!)

Let me know how you get on when it arrives!

Yes, in the UK too.

Ah fair enough on the lunch thing. I spend a lot of time driving for my job and rarely get the chance to take a break so instead of shoving a sandwich down my neck that I don’t have the chance to stop and enjoy, I may as well just drink something that’s easy to track, quick to prepare and nutritionally complete! I keep forgetting to prepare lunch so am currently spending a fortune on store bought meal deals etc too.

I’m interested in the idea of going almost 100% Huel after getting used to it (assuming I have a good experience with it). At least until I reach my goal weight. I’m a bit of a foodie but I like the idea of using Huel the majority of the time and then making food a really special occasion!

Good luck, yes let’s compare experiences as we are starting at the same time!

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That sounds like a good idea, to use huel for lunch while you’re out and about!

I am looking forward to having better nutrition, especially for meals when I haven’t had time to cook.

My main motivation at this point though, is to make it easy and simple to eat well while losing weight. I am really excited, the huel is now arriving on Wednesday (tomorrow), so going to start my weight loss effort then!

The plan is to have a normal breakfast and lunch, and then to have two evening meals with huel — one straight after work at 5 o’clock, and a second for supper at 8 o’clock before bed. Hopefully this will prevent me from feeling hungry at night, which is a big problem of mine!

Has your supply arrived yet greendreamer?

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I just got a text to say it will arrive this afternoon! Really excited to try it now. Will let you know how the first taste test goes.

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Great to have you both on board! Thanks for choosing Huel. Looking forward to hearing what you both think. If you need any tricks and tips then you know where we are!

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The Huel has arrived!!

Very excited, I have mixed up a first shaker full with three scoops and stuck it in the fridge to cool down for lunch.

I hope that the taste will be okay, although I’m not expecting much — I’d rather have really good nutrition than a good taste. Also I don’t have very good self-control, so if it were really tasty I might drink rather too much of it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Today I am not calorie counting, just trying it out with regards to mixing and taste testing. Going to start on the calorie-controlled diet proper tomorrow!

Have you started on your supply yet green dreamer? How have you found it so far?

Day one proper on Huel.

For breakfast I had half a shaker of Huel that I didn’t finish last night. I am having a full shaker for lunch, and then another full shaker blended with cocoa powder and a banana for dinner (already made and in fridge to cool down).

So far no drastic digestive troubles crosses fingers

I haven’t had a chance to try mine yet, I’m currently on a week off from work and have barely been home! How are you finding it?

Not too bad at all thanks! I have discovered that I really need to add flavours to it though, even though it doesn’t taste unpleasant by itself I was still finding it offputting somehow without anything added.

Adding a couple of teaspoons of cocoa powder to a bottle before blending really helps the flavour, no problems with drinking it then. I have also made a chocolate and banana one (two heaped teaspoons of cocoa powder and one sliced banana, blended), which I haven’t tried yet but I am thinking it’s going to be pretty good!

I am finding it very filling so far, but this will be my first full day on it so will update on whether it kept me satisfied on a sensible number of calories for weight loss.

Let me know what you think when you get a chance to try it :slight_smile:

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Just did a little taste test! Used the recommended 1:5 ratio of Huel to water and liked the consistency, think I will stick to that. The vanilla tasted nice, was pleasantly surprised. The U/U didn’t taste bad but as it’s designed to be added to was obviously pretty bland. After a few sips I didn’t want to carry on drinking it so have added a tablespoon of coffee and put in fridge, will try that tomorrow.

I tried making the shakes up with the shaker first, tasted them, then used a hand blender to try them and they are far superior after blending!

Will be interesting to see how different the shake tastes with coffee after being in the fridge overnight. I’m thinking I might pop up to sports direct this afternoon and pick up some more shakers so I can make up all my Huel the night before.

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That’s cool, I haven’t tried coffee yet but that’s next on the list to add!

Extra bottles are good. I got the Breville active blend which seems to work really well so far, and that comes with a couple of bottles. I tried to attach a picture of one of the bottles (currently containing lunch) :stuck_out_tongue:

I definitely agree that blending is good! I’m not sure whether overnight storage makes a difference yet, but chilling in the fridge also makes drinking it nicer.

Also on the same mission and also need to simplify my life , so far really enjoying Huel, I have replaced lunch so far and sometimes my evening meal depending on how busy I am,

I am single parent and work 30 hours a week and also train a lot as I race mountain bikes 2 or 3 times a month so Huel is helping make sure I have a healthy lunch with little prep

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Update… the UU with coffee was horribly bitter, avoid that one! Got a vanilla with coffee in fridge to try next.

That sounds great technomouse! I’m glad that Huel is helping out with your life and hobbies. How long have you been Huel-ing?

I like that I can have some pre-prepared Huel straight away when I come in from work, normally I’m starving and that is when I’m tempted to eat something unhealthy!

That’s good to know, shan’t be trying that combination haha.

I haven’t actually got any of the unflavoured and unsweetened Huel, do you feel like it’s worth it? I know some people mix the unsweetened into their vanilla Huel to make it less sweet.

Well I know that I will get sick of only having sweet drinks so I’m hoping to find something that tastes ok as a savoury drink… going to try some cuppa soup style things maybe.

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A week (yes I am a newbie) I tend to add Taka turmeric smoothie mix to mine ,doesn’t help the taste but hopefully the benefits outweigh the taste , I have been bio hacking for about 8 years

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Ok so today I tried a vanilla Huel that was left in the fridge overnight and it was so thick it was almost impossible to drink! As in, I’m going to need a spoon to finish it. Have you had this problem @Sarah_Susannah_Berni?
Am going to try with more water for tomorrow’s shake. The big sell for me was the fact I could make my shakes the night before as I never have time in the morning before work, won’t be happy if I can’t do that.