Time to get skinny and fit


Yes I know what you mean, I’m just having a bottle of Huel blended with cocoa powder and a banana for dinner. It has been in the fridge since last night and it is extremely thick!

I basically managed to suck a bit out of the top, and then when there was more space put a bit more water in the top and shook the bottle around madly until it was thinner!!

Bit of a faff, but it worked okay! I actually really like the thickness, because it feels more filling and more like having a meal.


Today has been my second day of attempted weight loss with Huel. For breakfast I had 60g of Huel mixed up with water and a teaspoon of cocoa powder (and a cup of coffee).

Lunch I had at work with my colleagues. We go to a restaurant on Fridays, but I chose a fairly healthy option—chicken with vegetables. Now having dinner of a 500 cal bottle of Huel.

I’m hoping I can still make this work at the weekend…


Today is my third day on (mainly) Huel. I’m so happy, so far the digestive system has been just perfect. I was convinced that I was going to get major digestive discomfort on Huel, as normally I get quite a bit of bloating after eating. I haven’t yet noticed any uncomfortable bloating after consuming Huel. Long may this situation continue…!

Just mixed up pretty much all my food today in about 15 minutes, really pleased!

I have made a glass of cocoa-flavoured Huel (60g) for breakfast, and then two larger bottles each containing 500 cal worth of Huel (122g) plus a banana and a couple of teaspoons of cocoa powder blended in, for lunch and dinner.

I think I need to experiment with some new flavours, although I love the version with cocoa powder and a banana in I dare say after a while I might want a change. Perhaps I will add half cocoa powder and half coffee to the next batch!

I am going to do a workout today also, recently subscribed to the Fitstar app so I’m going to carry on and do the next recommended work out on that :muscle:t2:

Good luck everyone on your journeys, and happy weekend!


Well done, I think I’ve been lucky too, no bloating or anything else :slight_smile:
The Fitstar app is good if you stick with it, I’m just aiming at getting my 10k steps in a day for a couple of weeks, then I’ll do a bit more on the Fitsar :slight_smile:


Yesterday I messed up a bit. I got really hungry in the afternoon, and then just ate lots of stuff.

I think the problem was that I added a banana and berries into my dinner bottle of Huel. Often I find that if I eat something with sugar in I just want to lie down and have a nap, and then I wake up feeling hungry afterwards!

Today I have made all my food just with cocoa powder added, fingers crossed it will keep me satisfied…!


Messing up now and again doesn’t matter. I have the same…when I was eating ‘regular food’ within a few minutes of finishing I would want to sleep too…a really strong feeling !

…but since just being on Huel I don’t get that instant sleepiness after having the shake.

Preparing before is the way to go :slight_smile:


I am happy to report that only adding cocoa powder into my Huel really helped! I didn’t struggle with hunger unduly yesterday.

I had three meals of Huel yesterday, and one normal meal of a baked potato, beans and sardines. In terms of calories, I ate to my normal baseline aim of calories which is 2000, and then added half of the exercise calories that I had earned that day (which was about 2200).

Hopefully that level is low enough so that I will lose weight still! We shall see; going to keep it up till Saturday, and then weigh :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I prefer morning walk in my hectic life. Recently I lose 3 pound weight by doing 30 min walk everyday in just 15 days. But, also, I controlled my eating habit too. I’m doing a diet. So, I suggest people to do morning walk for better health.
Health Benefits of Early Walk


That’s really great, well done! I like walking as well, I walk to work and back every day which really helps with getting the exercise in!


Yesterday I stayed really strong. I had three meals of Huel and one normal meal.

I was really proud of myself for achieving an 800 cal deficit! I haven’t got such a large one for a long time :muscle:t2: Totally not expecting to be able to keep this up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have a question though–how do you add a picture to your post?

I’ve done it before, but now for some reason I can’t find the way to do it! searches


Please bear in mind that muscle is heavier than fat, so try not to worry too much about what the scales say, and look more at your body shape! The mirror never lies!


Just to add, that’s not to compare a pound of fat with a pound of muscle! Muscle is denser than fat so by volume, muscle is denser than fat!


Good points, and that certainly the approach I’m taking for the longer term!

In the short term though, because body shape changes so slowly and imperceptibly, I find it helpful to follow weight changes (for my own motivation). Measuring your waist every couple of weeks is also quite nice (as long as it’s moving in the right direction) :smile:


Click the upload button…navigate to the file you want and upload it :slight_smile:

Or drag and drop an image in, if you are on a computer.


Oh that’s great, thanks mancman! I knew it was there somewhere haha.


Day two of trying to get a good calorie deficit. I was so happy that I managed to get a 900 cal one! I’m starting to have a bit of hope that this might be sustainable :raised_hands:

I hope everyone else’s journeys are going well! :heartpulse:


That’s some good going :slight_smile:
If you do that everyday it will be dropping off :joy:


I’m hoping so! Weigh in day on Saturday, so will find out how successful I am then!


Woohoo! Just weighed in, and I have lost 2 pounds since four or five days ago! Really happy about this, it means the diet is working :raised_hands::slight_smile: