Time to get skinny and fit


Nice one, you must be chuffed!


Thanks, yes I’m really pleased! :slight_smile: I just have to not rest on my laurels now, and keep going at it hard this next week as well!!


How you getting on @Sarah_Susannah_Berni?


Hi GreenDreamer, not bad thanks. I’m staying at my sister’s where there are no scales! So weighing day is delayed until Tuesday :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (Still on it with the Huel though!)


Pretty excited today, later on I’m going to put in my first order for a month’s worth of Huel (on recurring order for cheapness).

Because my finances are going to be very tight for August, I am basically going to be living off just Huel. Even though this is for financial reasons, I’m still pretty stoked to see how my body bears up with 100% Huel, and how it will impact on weight loss!


Will be following with interest!!


So I’m now five days into the 100% Huel month. A couple of days ago I was really pleased to discover that I have lost in total fifteen pounds (since I started trying to lose weight on 4th April) :slight_smile:

With the order for this month’s Huel, I also got a sample pack of flavours. I’m really enjoying working my way through them, trying one flavour in my dinner Huel each night. So far I have tried cacao, chocolate, toffee, pineapple and coconut, and banana. My favourites so far are definitely toffee and banana.

It struck me earlier that it has only been a month or so since I first started using Huel, but I’m feeling like an old timer. Already I can’t imagine not having Huel in my life, in fact the thought fills me with alarm.

Just a side note: – thanks very much to the Huel guys for making such a great product! Please know that you are making a big difference to many people’s lives (including mine).


I think this is a fab way of using this :smile:

How many scoops will you put for each?

K x


Hi Kitten17, thanks :slight_smile: I’m not too sure on the scoops, because I weigh out my Huel with kitchen scales.

In case it helps I am having about 122g of Huel per meal, which is about 500 calories.


I think you hit the nail on the head as in when to take the Huel.

Like yourself night times are the worst and as I have fallen in love with mocha flavour this totally fulfills my sweet tooth.

So as you say I may try having normal breakfast and lunch… then the Huel at night. Much easier for the digestion at night too :slight_smile:

K x


Ahh I’m trying the mocha for the first time tomorrow! Even more excited to try it now :smiley:


you will LOVE it!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:



Wow! Well done on the 100% Huel month, sounds tough! But your weight loss is fab :smiley:

I like a shake of the mocha powder sample occasionally to mix things up. I’ve also discovered swapping 100ml of water for 100ml of Alpro coconut (milk) gives my 50:50 vanilla/UU Huel a really nice coconut taste - it’s become my new favourite. Plus 100ml of Alpro coconut is only 20 cals :smiley:


Great idea on the coconut milk, that’s something I’ve not tried yet! I really like coconut flavours, so I think it might be something good :blush:


I’m about a month or so in now. Although I intended to go 100% Huel, that lasted about a week before I found I was missing having some normal food. Rather than potentially putting myself off Huel, I’m now having a normal dinner and then the other three daily meals (breakfast, lunch and supper) with Huel. I’m still really liking Huel and finding it good for achieving weight loss. Down one stone 2.4 pounds so far :muscle:t2:

A few days ago I bought some flavdrops (raspberry and maple) from Myprotein to add to Huel. This for future reference was a great idea, very glad I got both! The raspberry one is stronger, you have to add more of the maple one to get a similar strength of flavour, but both of them are absolutely delicious. (Dare I say it, they are better than the Huel flavour boost packets)

I am looking forward to finally breaking the 12 stone barrier, hopefully in the next week!



I’ve been on Huel for just over 2 weeks - i decided to blog about it…


Good work :slight_smile: enjoy the football!


As of this morning, I have lost a total of 19 pounds hurray!

I can’t wait to lose another pound, and getIMG_9731


I haven’t tried it yet. But surely gonna do it soon.


Alas no progress since I last posted! At least I haven’t regained weight haha.

I’m restarting the effort in the hopes of losing another stone before my birthday at the end of October :slight_smile:

At the moment I am using Huel for about two meals a day. Also, today is the first day I am trying intermittent fasting: I am planning to eat during an eight hour window and then fast for 16 hours. For today, this means missing out breakfast and eating from about 12:30 (midday) till about half eight in the evening. Not continuously :smile: