Time to get skinny and fit


I’ve not purposely chosen fasting, but I pretty much end up fasting from 6pm to 9am most days these days, so about 15 hours during which I only have water/nettle tea and my 100-150 calories of dark chocolate. Sometimes it’s harder than other days, but sometimes, it doesn’t even cross my mind, I’ve just got used to not eating after my evening meal. I reckon this alone is helping my weight loss as I used to stuff my face with chocolate and home made brownies after the kids went to bed :joy:


That’s really good! I find it the same, I am terrible for eating a lot later in the evening: evening seems to be when I get the most hungry!

I have to confess, I had to give up the intermittent fasting thing after a couple of days. It was making it too hard to stick to my calorie limit. I might go back to it, but for the moment I’m just concentrating on track in calories and doing exercise with a Fitbit. Which Fitbit have you got?


I don’t think I could fast during day hours really, that would be tough as I suffer from hangriness :rofl: But in the evening I usually feel quite full from dinner. Plus I’ve been trying to go to bed earlier, which helps avoid the late night munchies :smiley:

I ended up going for the Alta HR. I really fancied the Blaze, with the added exercise feature etc, but I haven’t worn a watch for over a decade, and I knew it would be too much to get used to something too big. Plus I have tiny wrists and when I tried my father-in-law’s blaze on my arm it looked enormous! My 21 year old niece told me the Alta was the fashionable way to go too :wink:

I supplement the FitBit with the app on my phone and logging into the FitBit page on my computer to create meals etc for my food tracking and so far it’s working out well.

What do you have again?


I think the Alta is one of the most popular Fitbits! It’s a good one. Are you finding it’s helping with keeping more active?

I have the Fitbit charge 2, which is slightly wider/bulkier on the wrist but has a bigger display which I like. I need to go for a run today, I have been quite lazy this weekend so far! :smile:


Yeh it is helping, I like to see the targets being met and if I don’t feel like taking a walk I do anyway, so I don’t let the FitBit down :joy: Or let my relatives beat me in the challenges :wink: Also good to track food in the app and my Yolanda scales link to the FitBit app so it tracks my weight too!

My Mother in law has the charge2, I considered it because it has more functions and the better screen, but ultimately I decided based on size, because even the charge 2 felt a bit bulky on my scrawny wrists :stuck_out_tongue:



I use my Nutribullet for mixing my Huel, making 2 meals in one go… breakfast which I drink at home before leaving for work, and then my lunch one which stores in the fridge in the canteen until Im ready for it…

I use 100g Huel, plus 500mls Almond Milk and a flavour sachet to make those two meals, plus 4 pieces of fruit which see me through til evening and my balanced meal

look forward to seeing and hearing your progress



I only use Unflavoured but mix it with the Flavour sachets and also blend with Almond milk instead of water…


I know that this is from a few weeks ago, but I tend to add a little bit of water when I am ready to drink my pre-prepared Huel… whether it has been overnight or even the few hours between breakfast or lunch - sometimes I add a hot of hot coffee if I need the caffeine boost :slight_smile:


Just be careful using FitBit to track your calories, it has a tendency to overestimate by 15-20% which could mean as much as 400-600 calories over what you actually burn.

My third Charge HR has recently packed it. I’ve the Fitbit Ionic arriving next week.


Don’t tell me that, I’ve been super happy with my calorie deficit according to my FitBit :stuck_out_tongue: Mind you, I tend to average 0.2 of a pound per day loss, so I think that ties in with the deficit it’s telling me so far… :slight_smile:


Judging by how inaccurate they are it should be called the Fitbit ironic.

Annoying aren’t they…never last much more than a year before packing in. My current one had the display die about 2 weeks ago…it still tracks but can’t see anything.


I’ve had 3 Fitbits break in what will be 3 year’s January, Amazon have been brilliant replacing them. Also mine do get a tough time as I work as an Electrician


To be fair, Fitbit have replaced every single one of mine without charge or hassle. Mind you, it’s been the plastic clasp that holds the button in place each time so maybe a known design fault.

As for calorie tracking I generally just regularly re-calculate my estimated expenditure and base and adjust my intake on that and just use the Fitbit calculations to look at trends. I tend to ignore activity modifiers entirely and just start from my BMR and adjust based on weight, waist and neck measurements.


Of for sure; I’ve had mine replaced FOC too…but they really should last longer than they do. Mine has never been the clasp, the first one actually bubbled up and the strap disintegrated around the fitbit. Although I bought them on Amazon it’s actually fitbit themselves that replaced them.

Mine don’t get an extremely hard time…it’s not even on my Huel shaking arm.


How many steps do you get for shaking up a Huel ? :grin: