Time to lose some weight

I’ve been using Huel for a while now but only breakfast and dinner and not every day.
The last month I’ve cut out all snacks and have lost 4.5kg so far.
Tomorrow I’m going to do 5 days an ultra low calories i’m aiming for 800 calories a day. So 200g of Huel.
I also like Carb Killa bars and have these after bike rides for a boost of protein and a few extra calories. So will probably carry on with that.
I drink nothing but water, plus a black coffee in the morning.

I started at 95kg, I’m now 91.5kg hoping to get to around 75kg. Which seems to be the upper normal range for my height.

So fingers crossed i see some results.


I have just started using Huel in the last three days. I am doing 100g of Huel for lunch and having a 400cal meal for tea of normal food. I have pre diabetes so following the 800 fast diet recommended by Michael Mosley. Going to do 8 weeks of this initially and see how I get on.
Good luck with your 800 cal days

So Day One, had my morning coffee i simply cant do without my morning coffee, though through this year i have cut down massively. Last year i was drinking maybe the equivalent of 8 espressos a day.
I now have the equivalent of 2. As a long black.

Along with the 800 calories of Huel i’m also going to take a Multivitamin to top up those and the Vitamin D that i always take.

Just drinking my first 50g (200cal) of Huel Chocolate, so far this is my favourite flavour, after Huel Original (but that’s gone).
Going to have 100g for dinner then another 50g for tea.

This morning i weighed 91.5kg so that will be my starting weight

Good luck!

I don’t know how you guys do it on 800 kcal a day.

2,000 kcal per day is about as low as I can go!

Strangely i have found it incredibly easy to stick to 800 calories.

I haven’t managed to eat 100% Huel but its not far off. Two days so far i have had 200 cal of Huel for breakfast then around 2 pm i had a chicken breast with a plate full of salad plus 20g of Humus, that took up 600 cal.

Today i’m adding in some extra protein as i’m not happy with the levels Huel provides at such low calories.
So i’m adding in some protein powder so today has been,
Breakfast - 50g Huel
Dinner - 30g Protein Powder, 50g Huel (this gave me 323 calories will tweak this to work out what i need for 200/400 calories)
Tea - will be my remaining 279 calories.

Glad that’s working for you!

bravo for making the start @8o8ert

I’m meeting you just before your halfway point on the journey to 75KG, starting at 88KG ish myself. The first 2 or 3KG have come off very quickly & easily, but I share @5kg2go sentiment that I can’t go that low to 800 daily calories!

My recommended daily intake is c.1,850 kcal & that’s not been hard yet, beyond basic willpower to almost eliminate bread, cheese & beer (and family sized pasta ready meals).

Weigh in on Monday is going to be very interesting for sure. I think as soon as I hit 85kg I’ll up my calories to a better 1600 per day, plus extra when I do any exercise.

So week one complete and I’m 88kg. So lost 3.5kg.
Going to up my calories to a more realistic longer term 1500 calories now.

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I think if you are fasting a VLCD (very low calorie diet) is sustainable for weight loss. I’ve done a few fasting days with just a Huel for lunch and a low calorie meal in the evening. Easily under 800 calories but because of the fast and being in ketosis you don’t feel hungry. Not for everyone and not a long term plan it’s a good kick start.