Low Calorie Diet

Hi Everyone, i was thinking of using Huel, for my low calorie diet,

Consuming 800 calories a day from only Huel.

What does everyone think about this, and would love to hear other peoples experiences about dieting on Huel.

I will take vitamin supplements in order to make sure i am taking in enough vitamins and minerals.

800 calories a day is rather low.

As you have probably read, losing weight steadily is a far more effective way to keep it off long term, than shock diets and restricted calorie diets so low.
You are also likely away the only way to lose weight is to eat less than what you burn.
Have you used the calorie calculator to see what Huel thinks would be a good intake for you?
To gain or lose 1lb of weight, you need to add or take away 3500 calories from your intake vs burn. Spread over a week thats only a 500 calorie deficit per day, which allows you to carry on eating, and feeling full, without worrying about malnutrition from not getting the right minerals and stuff.

The problem with taking vitamin suplements, is they normally do not include everything your body needs. For example, all the amino acids are often ignored in a vitamin suplement, unless you get them specifically, but then what about the anutrients (phytonutrients)? Before long you’re taking 5-6 tablets a day, and some huel, and still feeling rather hungry, leaving yourself open to giving in and snacking.

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Can you let us know your hight, gender, age, weight, activity level, and weight lose goal please.

Hi, i and Male 18, currently 110kg and 6ft1. looking to loose 40kg and am exercising every day.

Sorry just seen it. Thanks.

According to calculator, you could be consuming:

  1. 3746 to maintain weight
  2. 3246 to lose 1lb per week
  3. 2747 to lose 2lb per week

When you say 800 calories per day, is that everything? If yes I would advise against it. 2lbs a week is tough enough on a consistent basis. Losing weight is a marathon not a sprint.

You want to lose 40kg which is 88lbs, at 2lb per week that is 44 weeks, sound like a tough but doable goal.

Hi I’m doing 800 cals day huel with fruite veg chicken stock coffe lemon as flaverthing I have 130lbs to loss I’m 274lbs if overweight or obese low cal deit is fine for cople mounth to loss weight then when get to goal weight add cals slowly till your staying sane good luck I’ll post in week today my frist full huel been drink it for 4 days with food but can stop eating when eat soild food as born missing gland in my brain tells us we full but when have huel I’m not hunger abd full for hours good luck

HI Welwynd,

I think that “conventional wisdom” on weight loss is changing. Dr Michael Mosely’s 8 week Blood Sugar Diet works because it is a crash diet to help reduce fat around the liver and pancreas that may (does?) reverse diabetes.

I have read both his books and the the recipes are delicious. As a way of softly getting into a position to do this I have started with some of the suggested meals and also have introduced Huel slowly into my food plan. I find 1 Huel a day is a good way of avoiding going to a cafe for lunch where I might be tempted to eat cake, add milk to a coffee or have a carby sandwich.

I am diabetic and need a low carb diet to manage blood sugar levels. I was 17 st 12 and now am 10-11 lds lighter. I have cut out 95% of cake, sugars etc but have stalled at 17st 1.5 for last week or two. That is ok for now and my 1 a day Huel has helped.

I now want to be more careful about total calories reducing them significantly ideally to 800 for a few weeks to kick start my recovery and reboot my liver and pancreas function if I can.

I don’t know the details of the research but for many reason’'s a short sharp shock may be good for overweight people like me as it gives us a quick morale boost and losing a chunk or weight takes pressure of knees and feet and makes walking easier that helps get us off the sofa and being more active. It feels better quicker. I dont know that any “diet” ever works unless its long term and all diets probably work if stuck to. The 8 week one then turns to 5:2 on basis that intermittent fasting also affects the metabolism and is far easier to keep to mentally.

Either way, I will be I hope increasing my Huel. I do suspect that eating and chewing are a key part of healthy eating long term but the risk of falling of the wagon ( I had sandwich yesterday as forgot my Huel!) makes a meal replacement a great back up.

I will try the low carb Hack soon using Hemp Powder and Desicated Coconut as reducing carbs for me is as important as reducing calories.

Good luck to everyone using Huel and its great to have this Forum to share. (This is my first share!)