Hello from Milano! :) - My journey diary

Hi all, just received my UPS package and my Huel adventure begins!

I already had my lunch, but OF COURSE I had to try shaking my first Huel immediately. I prepared my first bottle and put it into fridge for tonight, when I’ll be back home after work.
But wait…OF COURSE I had to test it :stuck_out_tongue: I had just a sip, and so far I can say I like the taste!

Now off to work and looking forward to a weekend of Huel-experiments! :smile:

Greetings from Milano :slightly_smiling_face:


Benvenuto, e bello vedere sempre più Hueler italiani! :slight_smile: Facci sapere come va!
Welcome, and so nice to see more and more Italian Huelers! :slight_smile: Let us know how you get on!


Ciao Mario, grazie!

Ok I had my first Huel dinner. :grinning:
I love the vanilla taste, and the texture is also not bad. Could be better, but no problem drinking it. Ok, it’s not like eating pizza or lasagna - hey I’m italian! - but it’s enjoyable.
I shaked it with my bare hands :muscle: and I got no big chunks or something like that. Maybe the hours in the fridge helped. I used the 5 to 1 ratio as suggested in the manual, just wanted a standard reference. I’ll try with less water, just to see.
It took me more than half an hour to finish the full 3-scoop bottle. I think that’s good for me, because I have the bad habit of eating way too much fast. With Huel I can eat slowly and do other things in the meantime. I’d like to try “Hueling” while walking in the park, that would be great!
Now I feel good. I don’t feel “full”, or more bloated than normal. I still have some craving for solid food, but I guess it’s normal brain rewiring, I’ll get used to.

My goal is basically eating healthy to have a better and more regular “bowel life”, and maybe loose 4-5 kilos I gained in the last year. Starting with one Huel per day, than two, as suggested. Nothing extreme.

So far so good! Now I’m only concerned by the nefarious Huel-poop experience. :poop: :rofl:
But I’m brave hearted! So let’s see! :smiley:

If I’m still alive, tomorrow I’ll try a Huel lunch with a flavour boost. And pizza for dinner, of course! :sunglasses:


Day 2, had a tasty Custard-Huel for lunch. I mean, who doesn’t like Custard? I know a big chin guy who likes fish fingers and custard! :grin:

Today my bowel is starting feeling Huel, got a small Huel-:poop: episode after dinner (after pizza, maybe the combination Huel lunch with a big pizza dinner wasn’t so great :stuck_out_tongue: ). But nothing so bad, and I have often problems with normal food too. Hey, what a great forum where anyone is talking about bowel movements! :smiley:

Let’s see how it goes after few days. :slightly_smiling_face:

Apart from adjustment issues, I really like the product, so I hope I’ll be able to keep it into my daily diet. The only complaint I have is that even when left in the fridge and shaked a lot it’s still a bit…how can I say…powdery, and it feels a bit rough on the throat when drinking it. Maybe I’ll try with a blender, but I really love just putting it into the shaker and shake and it’s ready. :slight_smile:

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Great to see you’re making good headway with Huel! :slight_smile: Your body will take a little while to get used to the new diet. Part of it is all the extra fibre that normally we’re all missing out on. But trust me, it’ll all settle soon :slight_smile:

I get what you mean with liking the “shake-and-go” thing though. If you’re going for three scoops try sticking with 400 ml water + 3 scoops + good shake + top up with water + reshake. I think it’s to do with giving it enough room to move about and mix properly in the first shake.
But to get a creamier Huel, definitely try a blender. I mix my breakfast Coffee Huel the evening before in a blender and leave it in the fridge overnight. Nice and smooth and delicious! And at the end of the day it’s not loads more washing up.


Hey Mario, thanks for the advice and the encouragement! :slight_smile: I’m doing a two scoops/a day program as a nutritional complement for some days, just to let my body “understand” it better, and then back to a full meal and more. :slight_smile: I’m actually drinking a strawberry one while writing this. :smiley:

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I’ve done 2 scoops a day for some days and things are going fine so far. :slight_smile: Can’t wait to try again with a full meal, but want to take things slowly, I’ll wait some more days. I tried many flavors and I like them all, except strawberry that is nice but a little flat. Tomorrow I’ll try adding some soluble barley I bought, let’s see. And I will definitely try mixing Huel with tea and herbal teas instead of water as suggested in the forum, seems cool!

Lot of exciting things to try. :sunglasses:

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Back to 1 Huel meal a day since yesterday!

Today I’m also trying a new trick: using a fennel and aloe herbal tea as liquid base for Huel instead of pure water, to see if it eases a bit the effect of peas. :smiley:

This week I almost lost a full Kg, which is impressive because I’m not pushing hard in that direction and I don’t feel more hungry or less energetic than usual, nor I’m eating Huel only or something like that. Let’s see if it goes on or it’s only the body reacting to something new.

Ah, today I’m also trying the infamous Matcha…will I like as Tim and others do, or will I hate as some Youtubers I saw? The mistery will be unveiled soon! :rofl:

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Yesterday I had my first Huel dinner without any particular effect on bloating or gas. I took a couple vegetable carbon tablets, which may have also helped. I hope it’s a signal my body is accepting Huel! :hugs:

I found a good balance for me with 80gr of Huel and 450ml of water, and then a fruit like a banana just to have something “solid-like”. I feel satisfied and I no longer crave for sweets like before. Still plan to try bars for some occasional snack and Granola for breakfast.
Also, another good thing I noticed is that when I eat (or drink? :thinking: ) Huel, my usual gastroesophageal reflux is greatly reduced. I can’t say for sure because it’s always changing even with normal food, so it may be just a coincidence, but I hope it’s another good signal. :slight_smile: If it will be confirmed, I will probably go on using Huel for dinner, because reflux is really an issue for me to sleep well.

Oh, about Matcha: I don’t hate it, it’s nice, but it won’t be my first choice. :slight_smile:

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Things are going well here in northern Italy. I mean, from the Huel point of view, since the country is fallng apart. :sweat:

Had another fine Huel dinner, just slightly worse than the previous one from the bloating point of view, but still ok. So before going to bed I’ve abandoned all hesitations and ordered Granola!
Huel breakfasts sooooon! (Please Huel, ship it fast :stuck_out_tongue: ).


My first two Huel weeks! Everything is great, Huel is already an important friend in my daily diet, and I’m even thinking about trying some “full Huel days”, not everyday but maybe when I’m too lazy to cook. I lost 1.5 Kg, which is great considering I’m still having only one Huel a day. I’m also surprised that after explaining Huel to my mother, during the ritual Sunday lunch with parents, she’s now positively interested in how’s going and she even said “I should make your father try it”. Not sure my father would be happy. :smiley:

I’m already planning to adapt my usual grocery shopping habits to Huel, and I see many saving opportunities. That’s also great, in this period I’m launching a new professional activity and I’ve not so much money in my pockets. :slight_smile:

The only disappointment I had in the last days is that my Granola shipment is still missing, after 4 working days the order is still unfulfilled. What’s going on in the Huel warehouse? Another mistery! :smiley: I hope it’s just too much success for Huel struggling to keep up with orders, they deserve it for their great work. Hope mine will be shipped on Monday. :slight_smile:

(update: Granola original was out of stock, so I changed order in two Granola berry boxes and also got a discount on next order for the delay :slight_smile: )


Waiting for Granola (yes, not shipped yet…it’s becoming worse than waiting for the new season of Doctor Who :smiley: ), I bought some stuff to try with Huel. Besides Cacao and Coconut which should be similar to the Huel flavours, I’m gonna try:

  • ginger
  • cinanmon
  • fruits, berries and my beloved hibiscus flowers herbal teas :slight_smile:

Can’t wait!



Are you going to use tea instead of water to mix Huel? Interesting! :slight_smile: Make sure you don’t mix Huel into super hot tea… it may alter the micronutrients. Let us know how it goes!

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Ciao Mario, yes I’ve got the idea from another user here. Thanks for the warning about not use hot water, yes I usually leave the tea bag in a slightly warm water for long time, so that it’s strong but not hot. I’ve alredy done it with ginger tea and it was good.
Tonight I’ll try with karkadé, let’s see! :slight_smile:

(Oh, and by the way, Coconut powder is awful :joy: I love coconut and I thought it could be near the Pineapple and Coconut Huel flavour, but that thing didn’t blend in and it makes Huel terrible to drink. :smiley: I’ll make cookies. :smiley: )

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Just tried Karkadé Huel and it’s great! The flavour is not strong, but it leaves a nice aftertaste (a little like Matcha, but less bitter). It balances well the sweet of Vanilla, and it’s refreshing.

This goes definitely into my Huel week! :slight_smile:

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Granola is finally here! And tomorrow is Huel Breakfast Day :smiley:


First test with Granola: cool! The berries smell is very strong after opening the bag, but to be honest so is not the taste. It tastes more like a normal muesli thing. But it’s ok, I tried with milk but I’m gonna test it also with other drinks, like teas or so.

Of course is not as good as a marvellous hot brioche with chocolate, but I guess it’s obvious. :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried 60gr and I think is the right quantity, as of 1 pm I’m not starving (and I had breakfast before 8 am).

But Huel Matcha is waiting for me in the fridge, so I think I’ll answer the call. :smiley:

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Three weeks and a half after my first sip of Huel: I met my first weight target. From 77 to 74Kg! Not much, but I don’t need to loose a lot. Next target is 72, then 70. Baby steps.
Final target is 30Kg! No, I’m just kiddin’. :joy:

Now it’s time for Granola. :slight_smile:


Big order made! Started my subscription of Huel and Granola, I’ve chosen to go for 8 weeks subscription to minimize shipments, packaging and issues with delayed orders. :slight_smile: Good for the environment and for my hate for delivery waiting. :smiley:

4 Huel bags and 8 Granola boxes every 8 weeks, let’s see how it goes. Now I’m officially a Hueler! :slight_smile:


My first subscription knocked my door today! :slight_smile: Big package!


Look how cute are all the Granola diligently packed over the Huel bags in the bottom!


And in matter of minutes, their journey ended in my kitchen storage, alongside all the stuff I use as flavours :slight_smile:


Now I have two months of Huel! :yum: Yesterday I tried orange herbal tea and cacao, tonight I tried apple and cinnamon. Both great!