Joining Happy Huelers' crew from Italy

Hi there,

I have been on Huel for nearly a month now and I have been lurking around the forum for a while, then decided it was time to introduce myself.

I am a 49 (next Monday :slight_smile:) year-old Italian “girl”, mother of a young lady aged 10 and I am a full time employee.

As many other mothers (and fathers, of course, before I get told off…), I barely manage to juggle all the elements in my life and I have been looking for a long time for a healthy, quick and, why not, tasty solution for my lunch.
I also have to shed 4 to 5 kg and calorie control is an issue when you have to toss something into your next day packed lunch while you shower, feed the kid, tidy up the kitchen etc etc…

Sooooo, coming to my Huel experience, I have to say I absolutely adore it! I have 2 meals a day, breakfast and lunch usually, a little snack in the afternoon and a cooked meal in the evening with family.

My pros on Huel:
Very quick to prepare
A lot less cravings during the day
Steady energy
Makes me feel well, no side effects at all
Slowly loosing fat without feeling on a diet

Some cons:
No matter what I add to the mix, taste is always a bit “dull”
Cold shake will certainly not be an option for me with cold weather

I can anyhow say that pros outweigh by far cons and that I am definitely a Happy Hueler!


Hey Elena, thanks so much for posting after lurking for some time. Awesome to know you’re on the team and we’ve got ourselves a little Italian tribe of Hueligans! Thank you too for the kind words, absolutely awesome to hear that Huel is working for you on so many levels.

What mixes have you tried?

welcome to the forum :smiley:

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Hi Tim,

I am helping spreading the word to enlarge the Hueligans Italian tribe…I am so keen about the product that I would like my friends and colleagues to give it a try!

So far I tried the new Vanilla (not really mad about it), U&U, which I love, and Original (sipping my shake right now and I definetely prefer it to the new Vanilla).
Also tried the improved bars cocoa taste, let’s say they taste “very healthy” :wink: