New to Hull - Full or part replacement

Hi all,

I have come across Huel and wanted to get some user advice. I am an active person with a physically demanding job.

I wanted to know if I can fully replace my 3 daily meals with Huel and then snack between to save time. Has anyone done this and do you feel hungry all day!?

Thank you


I’m at the end of my first week eating it as a full time replacement. I don’t get hungry but i do get pretty strong urges to actually eat something chewable. I imagine that will pass pretty quickly though.

We just did a trial of two people living off nothing but Huel for a month and measured the results if you’d like to read it:

Other peoples opinions will be good too, but just thought I’d share!

I do this frequently, but it took time - I guess my body needed to adjust. Personally, I can’t replace all my meals all the time. Like @Scotsmania mentioned, I really want to eat something chewable every now and then (even so I found myself eating smaller portions). On top of that, there’s also a social component.

When I replace all my meals, I usually go for 4 shakes a day (more if I’m more active than usual). 4 portions help me to cover the entire day without feeling hungry. I can also recommend your idea of snacks - I usually have a few veggies in my bag (like carrots or so).

If you’re physically active throughout the day, you probably need more than 4 shakes. Take into consideration when and how to prepare the shakes. For example, you can easily prep all shakes in the morning if necessary - but you probably need a fridge somewhere, especially in summer. Depends on your environment.

That being said, order a pack and try it out before you go all in and order a huge amount of it. A liquid diet isn’t for everyone.