Important question - new user

I have just paced my first order of Huel due to a friend raving about it. Ultimately my question is as follows;

I have heard that Huel can be a complete meal replacement. After reading this forum I have noted that it should be introduced slowly into you diet, however;
I’m am a healthy male and work in the hospitality industry, my main issue is I barely eat, I do not have any meals that I could realistically replace, I will happily go 3 days without eating, pretty much driven on coffee alone. My BMI is spot on so have no issues there, I am literally concerned about what my body isn’t receiving and I want to know is it realistic to go straight into 3 or 4 shakes a day (I have looked at the potential side effects when you first start)



I’ve gone days on severe caloric deficits before, living on nothing but momentum and bare sustenance. If anything, try to aim for regular intake. Even if you’re not replacing meals, you’ll start to notice a difference.

3 to 4 shakes a day from the get go will have effects. And by effects I mean you’ll start to become very very aquianted with possible stomach pains, severe fluctuations in how you poop, and gas. Lots and lots of gas.

Go slow, let your system get used to it.

It sounds like you will probably feel bloated if you go straight in to 3 or 4 shakes a day. I would start out with trying half a shake (3 scoops Huel and 500ml water) and waiting 30 mins and then having the rest of you need to, the same for lunch and evening meal and maybe some fruit as well. Drink plenty of water also. You need to get in to a routine and change your relationship with food. Your BMI might be fine but your body could be deficient in certain vitamins and minerals. Start off steady and you should feel like you have more energy if you are not used to eating much. Good luck.

BMI is an outdated model and shouldn’t be used as a reference to good health overall. 3 days without food on a regular basis rings alarm bells in my head. Have you had tests done by your doctor to make sure your not dangerously deficient in anything?

It’s completely up to you how many Huels you start off with and you know that from the rapid increase in protein/fibre intake you’ll be visiting the toilet more often in the first couple weeks. But apart from that it will only be a good thing…

Many thanks for your responses, to answer some of your comments I have had tests done by the gp and seem to be healthy, I’m never lethargic and don’t really have any health issues, I just don’t feel like eating as I’m always around food. And the extra toilet visits at least gives me a chance to sit down :slight_smile: I am just concerned that this lifestyle will eventually Catch up on me. I will take the advise given and see where it takes me. I will update in a week or so.

Once again, Thank you.