Making the leap to Huel!

Well hi there guys,

New to this site, been reading up a lot on the product and think it might be a good solution for me!


I work in events and marketing, and spend so long on the road and in hotels, with no access to cook food (sometimes for 3 weeks straight) my diet is awful, compounded to this, i used to be in pretty darned good shape (6ft3, 32inch waist, ballooned to 42inch) and so would love to get back to that, this could be a good answer as i wouldn’t need to think really worry about food, and it would be easy to get with minimum hassle, and easy to store too! (as much as I’ve tried eating fresher foods, no fridge etc, makes some things hard to do.)

so, im gonna order this to see what it does for me :smiley:

couple of questions though:

1- for those of you that do cook, how have you found making solid foods with this?
2- what does it do to your general toilet functions? i have a bit of IBS from diary and orange juice overloads back when i was at uni, and wonder if i should be concerned for this? I’ve also got myself wondering how much a liquid diet will affect me on that front?
3 - psychologically speaking, do you find yourself craving the foods you love? how do you handle it? i realise to quite a lot of people that food is fuel here, but for me its fun to eat tasty things!

from a practicality standpoint and nutritionally i am all over this though, so will see!

2: The drink is liquid but contains all the fibre you need, so there is no real difference in the end :wink:
3: It fills you up and satisfies you more than, for example, a protein shake or green smoothie would, the body apparently recognizes that it is a real meal. As a result, you feel satisfied and don’t have much craving for solid foods. That said, after drinking the very sweet huel for a couple of meals in a row, you might start craving just for some variety in your diet.

  1. Toilet functions are just the same, but smell a bit differently for me.
  2. I feel far less interested in food when I am consuming Huel. It kind of makes food seem irrelevant while I’m drinking it.

Humm, my first day with Huel was not great sadly, i feel like i need to get a balance on the mixture, because right now, there is something about it that is making my reflexes want to reject it slightly, very confusing.

though, I’ve never had protein shakes etc, so I’ve no idea where the consistency is, in the hotel room there is no blender, so it might not have mixed very effectively.

fortunately there is a coffee shop on site where i am working and they will blend it for me with ice to make it cooler, hopefully that will help.

i am definitely tasting something artificial too. i didnt think i would be sensitive to this…

@Shane_Abbott sorry to hear about that. It will definitely blend smoother with a blender, and it does taste nice cold in my opinion, so see what you think when it’s cold and blended. If the taste is bothering you, we are going to bring out an unsweetened and unflavoured version quite soon, so perhaps this will be better for you. Let us know how you get on!

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On further reflection, I’ve worked out that there were a combination of factors i think making it… difficult for me.

However, i found a VERY easy solution, having the shake cold, with a teaspoon of peanut butter (natural type stuff) actually REALLY made a difference.

so right not I’m having a scoop of ice, and then filling the cup to 550ml with water, adding the powder and a teaspoon of peanut butter, and honestly, i find it wonderful for my tastes, now i think part of this is the peanut flavour, but I’m also wondering if the salt is helping here.

Honestly, i have no issues drinking the entire shake in short order with this modification (I’m going to do a little math on the adjustments) and am honestly looking forward to tomorrows shake!

Blender is definitely the way forward though in my opinion. That said, if i were to blend two shakes in the morning, how much settling might occur during refrigeration, at least relative to hand shaking?

I find that it gets quite a lot thicker if I leave it in the fridge overnight.

It’s interesting how everyone’s taste is different though. I also find it tastes slightly different depending on what container I drink it out of. Personally, I think it tastes best straight from the plastic shaker. I don’t know why.

It will be interesting to see what it’s like with the new unflavoured version and the 4 different flavours…

@Shane_Abbott Glad you’ve discovered a method Shane, and that you are looking forward to your next one! I would agree with Marcus - it is thicker when left in the fridge, but I think it would still be ok to make both in the morning. Some people do blend up all three meals for the day in the morning, and this does seem to work.

@SophieMarketingHuel Today went a LOT smoother for me, the peanut butter ice blend is really quite delicious, I’ve only had 2 shakes (total input of about 1100 calories) and to be honest i don’t feel hungry this evening. i did have a bit of hunger around the 4-5pm mark, but i held off (working conditions) till 6pm, and had the second on the way home.

this combination i hope will really work for me, i don’t expect i will always keep such a low calorie intake, but its interesting to see how the shakes themselves will fill me up!

I can see lots of possibilities for using this full time as a daytime replacement, and maybe an evening meal, in situations where I’m at home as well.

All in all, VERY glad i found this, and i hope to utilize its potential.

@Shane_Abbott Great to hear Shane! Sounds like you are getting on much better - glad you’ve found what works for you. Let us know how it goes on a more long term basis.