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What’s up.
Seems like a lot of you are here because of the Facebook ad, me too! Mostly because how funny the Huel team are as well. I asked them a couple of questions and a few months later after several more ads I actually bought some.

My story
I am in recovery from anorexia, I got pretty sick and was very underweight. Now I’ve gained over 2 and a half stone and am only slightly underweight but I really hate eating so getting to a properly healthy weight has been incredibly difficult. I rarely eat in the day time and eat one meal at night because I just cannot stand food. I also didn’t have a return of my hunger and full signals in recovery hence hating food, I’m now hardly ever hungry unless my blood sugar drops. I’m never hungry in the day which means I have to mechanically eat and well it’s horrible. I tried it for a solid year doing exactly what my dietitian told me to do and it didn’t get any better. Imagine yourself forcing a meal in when you’ve just eaten a big meal, that’s what it feels like when I eat in the day, then I feel sluggish and tired and have symptoms of chronic fatigue from eating!
I recently got sick with flu and had to live on liquids for a week and well I had more calories in the day than I ever had and coped well with it, felt better as my digestion seems to be actually working for once (sluggish and delicate AF thanks to 20 years of ED) and thought, I really should buy that Huel stuff. Liquids also don’t mentally screw me over either I’ve found out.

I’m hoping to get to BMI 20, (which is about 4kg plus I don’t weigh myself often anymore away) and maybe even reach my “set point” eventually (7 plus kg) I’ll have to start it slow though with Huel obviously. One meal a day and see how my body copes. My mental health ED nurse is pretty happy I’m doing this, and I’ve been cleared to do it with doctors.
I may even go full Huel.
The calorie crap the nhs gives you are horrible, and the meal replacement stuff in stores all has milk in it and I’m very explosively lactose intolerant so I’m really happy to find something that ticks all my picky boxes,

Hope it tastes just as great. I’m excited about flavour sachets too, that pineapple and coconut innocent smoothie is one of my favourite tastes ever if the sachet makes Huel taste like that I’m going to be very happy!

Here’s some more fun facts because this got a bit depressing
I love mass effect it’s awesome
I do art when I’m bored
I’ve used my recovery to help others struggling with EDs for the nhs and I’ve been in a couple of videos.
Pineapple does belong on pizza


What’s that?

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No bookface for me, I ended up here thanks to the Monzo forum.