A Different Huel Experience

Hi all,

I’ve really been enjoying everyone sharing their personal experiences with Huel here (and I am NEVER one to miss a bandwagon) so thought I’d share too!

I’m probably coming at Huel from a slightly different place than most. At the beginning of this year I realised that my overall health was in a pretty poor place and I decided to do something about it. I wasn’t active, had a poor diet and drank far too much. Prior to starting to sort myself out I spoke to my GP who helped me find a professional to draw up a diet and exercise plan for me. Following this plan was pretty straight forward - I felt amazing and I had some really positive results. A little bit of a faff as I went from buying one bag of convenient foods a week to buying three bags of whole ingredients and actually preparing meals again!

So I got into some good habits and lockdown hit! Suddenly it was simply impossible for me to get the foods I needed to stick to my diet (I can’t speak for every area of the UK but round here the fresh food completely disappeared for a couple of weeks). I came across Huel via another forum and thought it would be a good short term fix - simply a way I could keep eating a healthy and balanced diet until things calmed down in the supermarkets.

I didn’t have any of the issues that other users have had in terms of ‘adjusting’ to Huel - I’ve assumed this is because my diet was already pretty high in fibre and protein etc so it wasn’t such a shock to my system. Also a huge amount of kudos to Huel managing to get an order out to me in less than 48 hours slap bang in the middle of the Covid madness! I’ve been having the Black Edition in both flavours and I’ve really enjoyed both - it’s never been a struggle for me to drink as I genuinely enjoy the taste.

This was very much meant to be a temporary solution for me but I’m actually going to be placing a subscription now and keeping up 2-3 Huels a day alongside my other food. I feel every bit as good as I did on a non Huel diet and it’s just so much more convenient than sourcing, measuring and preparing everything was before. It’s costing me about £3 a month less too (not massive I know but does rather shoot down the ‘Huel is expensive’ argument).

TLDR: I really enjoy Huel - for me it isn’t the ‘miracle elixir’ that changed my life forever but it has made my meal planning a much simpler process.


Same here really.

I’ve lost weight after going 80 to 100 percent Huel but I haven’t had the big energy boost and mental focus that others have had.

Although I’ve only been having this much Huel for a few weeks and still have the odd “bad” feed on the weekends.

So maybe it will come.