Huel Black is a game changer!

Hi everyone,

I’m not sure whether this is in the right category, so forgive me if is in the wrong section!

I’ve been hovering around the boards for a while now, and finally bit the bullet and decided to post my experience.

Firstly, I have some complex medical issues which involve my joints and digestive systems. Currently undiagnosed, had some surgeries and awaiting more. As you can imagine my mental and physical health, is all over the place and its hard to be motivated. I am 30 now, and the last 5 years has seen my body go from 10 stone gym obsessed runner, to 14. 5 stone blob. My activity levels are very low now, and I have several courses of steroids which has led to the weight gain. When I first heard of Huel a couple of years ago I was so excited about the ease and nutrition, however, the sucralose component wreaked havoc with my digestive system and I couldn’t get used to it.

Fast forward to now, and I have been using Huel Black for the last couple of weeks and its a game changer! No digestive issues and it is so tasty. I’ve lost 3.4kgs using Huel Black as part of 5:2 diet. Im trying to use huel more often on my non-fast days, but I am just so pleased they released this version.

Anywho, thats my story, thanks for reading!


Welcome, really cool that it’s working for you too, especially with your gastrointestinal issues. My mum is in a similar boat and sometimes she won’t be able to eat anything at all and on those days, guess what, she has Black Edition huel I gave to her!

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Thank you! Glad it helps your mum!

My jaw dislocates itself a lot (from yawning or laughing) so my specialist wants me to eat soft or liquid food, doesn’t help with that really just means I wont dislocate it from eating. Looks likely that there will be a surgery for that too!

The Huel twitter team were really helpful when I had questions on that platform too

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Yeah the team is pretty great to be fair, I’m not an evangelist about stuff in general but it’s actually quite hard to -not- be enthusiastic about something that has given you your life back.

I had an ex with TMD, which I presume is what you’re talking about. If it does happen, we found the best thing was to douse flannels in boiling water, then wrap one in a tea towel and apply to the joint. That always reduces it so she could pop it back in.

I’m not a doctor nor a nutritionist, I’m not giving clinical advice, just suggesting a home remedy that previously worked for someone I know.

I was, and am still, a lawyer though. Please see my caveat above lol.

Thanks for the advice! Yes it is TMD. It normally resets itself, but nearly two years ago I was in A&E when it was out of its socket for 5 hours!

Heh I’ve been through it as the partner when it first happens.

It’s actually not something to joke about, so I apologise for that, I remember at the time it was absolutely terrifying but muscle relaxants help, so if you’re allowed to take an anti inflammatory like Ibuprofin or Narproxin, that’s really useful, even though it takes about a half hour to work.

Obviously not a GP but worthy of talking to them because they can also give you some stuff which will stop those things having a nasty reaction in your tummy.

Like I said with the flannel trick, Your mileage may vary and to confirm, I am not medically qualified. Just passing on anecdotal information.

Thats great to know!

I am waiting for a Black Edition UU to change my subscription from White UU but there is no news at the moment…

Pfft who cares. Just live on Huel Black Edition like I do and your journey towards the dark side of the force will be complete.

Um I mean, yeah, Black UU is what all the world wants. (It doesn’t). waves flag feebly

Nah, 5% os sugar and the added flavour is a no go for me… I like to mix my huel with spices and make combinations… vainilla or chocolate all the time doesnt fit me


I was gonna suggest watch Michael McIntyre DVDs, but that wouldn’t help with the yawning just the lack of laughing.

Mate you have no idea when a girl experiences this when you are being intimate for the first time… the first thing you think is not something I can publish.

But after that, you grow up a bit (I didn’t really but I pretend) you realise just how serious an issue it is…

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Hang on, you get intimate with a girl while watching Michael McIntyre DVDs. I’ve heard of some weird fetishes, but that takes it.

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Actually I do find him rather funny…

…but a bit off putting when you’re getting jiggy.

I did actually read his autobiography at the start of lockdown (that’s how weird it affected me). It was actually pretty funny.

My uncle is the favourite teacher from the times educational supplement of Ricky Gervais.

I believe I have the award for the most tedious and tenuous celebrity link, ever.

Stop it! You’ll make me laugh!

That’ll be a first for me.

I use Black Edition Vanilla to make nice smoothies, the vanilla taste is neutral enough for me.

I would like to start using spices, can you pls give a couple of examples that work well with Huel?

The more I have had Huel Black the more sweet the vanilla has tasted to me, however, it is not unbearably sweet. The chocolate is more of a dark chocolate flavour, I feel.

I have started adding sugar free syrups to mine, only subtle amounts, but just to break up the monotony. I think nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger would be nice with the vanilla, and there are some health benefits!

Mmm I wouldnt add spices to the vainilla one. I only do that to Huel UU. Its weirde to add spices to something sweet.

I normally add Paprika, curry or turmeric