Huel Black & Digestion issues

Hi all,

I previously got a Vanilla 2.0 and had pretty bad digestion problems which was pretty common for alot of us, and several threads said it was because of the artificial sweetener in the formula.

I’m particularly interested in those who had issues with white and have tried black whether you are having the same " troubles"


I think I asked a similar question here but didn’t get any concrete answers:

I would order 1 bag of Black to test along with my next order of 2 White but you have to order at least 2 bags of Black each time.

Both v3 and Black are really newly released so it’s a bit early to get many experiential answers to this.
It will be interesting to see people’s reports over the next few months.
I didn’t get any gut issues with v2.3 so although I’ve tried Black and still get no gut issues, my experience isn’t of much help to you :grimacing:

I think v3 has been formulated to be smoother and with no artificial flavours, and with probiotics in part to try to reduce gut issues. I don’t know this for sure I’m just guessing.

As for black, it has slightly lower fibre and no oats and no sucralose - so if any of those are the cause of your gut issues then black may well solve it. But then some people get bad guts on a high protein diet, so we may well see some peoples problems solved by Black Edition and others getting worse!

I hope people feed back on this. It’s a good question and it will be interesting to see people’s verdicts

I really don’t know what causes my gut issues.

I’m too undisciplined to try an elimination diet unfortunately.

It’s hard isn’t it?
It took me three years to figure out what I can and can’t eat.
Initially it was three months but that initial period resulted in me having to cut out more than 50 foods :sob:
It was then a very long and pain-staking process of trial and error for a very long time.

In the end I discovered I have celiacs but also IBS. Lots of gluten free foods substitute with ingredients that aggravate IBS so that was fun.
Also unmanaged celiacs causes damage to the guts which results in all kinds of malabsorption issues and other bizarre and random food intolerances.

Huel is a god send for me tho as it doesn’t contain anything I have to avoid and I can’t get this in a complete convenient meal anywhere else. I’ve found Huel reduces my IBS symptoms but for severe IBS, high fibre is often contraindicated.

As you have no idea what causes your own problems it may just be a case of trying out both versions and hoping one suits you :crossed_fingers:
Keep us posted

I don’t get wind on the Black version like I do with Huel 2.3, where I’m not sure if it’s the horse or me (must be the oats). Not tried V3 yet, unsure what wind conditions for me personally are in comparison yet.

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I struggled with the original vanilla Huel now taking the black its more friendly on the GIT system certainly for me

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We conducted a small trial in the office with Huel Black Edition and it helped over 50% of people vs v2.3.

We speculated this was because of the removal of oats, a slight reduction in fibre and/or addition of probiotics.

When it comes to digestion and the gut it’s very difficult to pin down the problem as it will vary between individuals and most people have no issues at all.

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I have the Vanilla and Chocolate from Huel Black and trying it today. So I can say for now. I choose Black because of no oats and surculose. I have IBS, and 10 years ago `I found out that I also have a intolerance of Lactose. Last year I did the low FODMAP elimination diet, and found out that I also am Fructan intolerant. The diet was hell, especially with my irregular working hours and having to eat 2 or 3 times a week at work, but after two attempt I finally got through it.

I’d be interested to see the difference in Huel V3 and Black vs V2.

I have some V3 waiting but still have two full bags of V2 so want to use them up first. (I’ve had to pause my order as I have so much of the stuff!).

I would try V3 but while I’m also using V2 I don;t imagine I’d get an accurate representation of what’s actually happening.

I made a post about IBS and Huel just before Christmas. Over the holiday period I decided to give it a break for two weeks and start again in the new year and really ease myself into it rather than jumping in as I did before.

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I am currently having all sorts of hospital investigations for the many stomach issues I’ve been having for the past several years - also found out today I have helicobacter pylori in my stomach which may be contributing to my awful indigestion - and I think the Huel Black is gentler for me, comparing to White 2.3…I have had much less wind. I think I am sensitive to sucralose, I really love that Huel Black doesn’t contain this and would love if the team could just ERADICATE it from the entire line. :smiley:

But yes absolutely I have had less bloat, less wind, less smelly wind…whilst having my Huel Black. It is still early days for me though.


Sucralose is not in the UU, so you can easily avoid it with the white version, too.

UU is unpalatable to me unfortunately.

Even with the flavour boosts (which are free from sucralose as well)?

I love UU and the old flavour boosts. Some of the new ones are ok in UU too but some need additional sweetener

Yeah I’ve had no success with the flavour boosts in any of my Huel powders including UU. I would love to like UU because as you mention it is free of the sucralose but even with flavour boosts, blending fruit etc…I have never been able to handle the taste.