Anyone else reacting to huel black with nausea?

I did Huel black for a couple of months. I was having a great time, really enjoying the process, and then developed what I thought was some kind of gastro bug. After the initial recovery, symptoms occur again only, but every time I try to start back on the huel. But I can do unflavoured black, and hot and savory.

Hey Kate, welcome to the Huel forum.

There’s no sucralose in any of the Black Edition flavours, we use stevia and coconut sugar to provide sweetness.

Based on what you’ve said I can’t think of any reasons why you’d be okay with one flavour of Black Edition and not another if you’re having gastrointestinal problems.

You know what, I have been confusing my packs. Tried the black unflavoured again this morning, also instant nausea, so yes, def not sucralose as the problem. Back to the drawing board as to the culprit!

Please note, only nauseous with huel, not at any other time.