Stomach Issues with Black vs White

So I’ve been having some stomach issues for some time that I’m slowly getting to the bottom of, but I’m struggling to work out why my bowels don’t particularly like Huel Black. Takes about 30 minutes for me to start feeling a bit off.

I’ve been using Huel for many years now and Huel White, generally the Vanilla is absolutely fine, but Huel Black seems to move through me a bit too quickly, similar effect to if I’ve had Soy or certain artificial sweetners. I thought as I was generally fine on normal Huel it was just something else in my diet that coincided with using Huel Black, but after eliminating everuthgin else in my diet that was causing the problem, it’s definitely related to it. Food diaries are super useful.

I’ve got my main diet under control (No lactose, Soy, nuts or sweets) but Huel Black gives me problems every time. Are there any obvious differences between them with regards to the above that might cause the problem?

Huel Protein also seems to be fine, so I’m guessing the issue is possibly the Steviol in Huel Black. Something for people to be aware of.

I guess I could try the unflavoured, but I dislike it on its own and adding flavour adds a lot more thought into the process. So Huel White + Huel Protein seems the way forward.

There aren’t plans on rolling the Steviol out to the other lines are there? (Assuming I’m correct in my assumptions)

Hey there, sorry to hear that Black Edition is not the one for you, I wouldn’t worry too much about it, it sounds like you’re loving some of the other Huel products!

The biggest difference is that Black Edition does not contain oats, which ultimately means the nutritional profile is different. As you’ve identified, Black Edition does not contain sucralose, but rather stevia and organic coconut sugar to sweeten it.

Bit of a rundown of the differences here

That’s exactly it, we’ve got a large amount of different products now with the intention being there’s something for everyone! So find out what works for you, like you have, and stick to it! Huel v3.0 and Complete Protein is an awesome combo!

We don’t, it’s important to us that we have products with and without artificial sweeteners. We like artificial sweeteners, sucralose tastes great and adds zero calories. But many don’t like them, so we released Black Edition without so that those people could enjoy and benefit from Huel!

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Excellent, thanks Tim!

For anyone browsing this, I’ve been on Huel since 2016 and otherwise it’s been a lifesaver, it’s just Huel Black that’s not for me. Just in case anyone gets the wrong idea :blush: Best thing I ever did.