Switched from Huel black to Huel white - Bloating & Gas


Before the 26th of November I had been having 1200 calories of Huel Black a day with very little to complain about.

I made the switch to standard Huel on the date mentioned above, same intake with the addition of the occasional Huel bar and let me tell you the stomach issues have been NOTICABLE!

At first I wondered if there was much a difference in fibre consumption but it seems through tracking my diet that is still within 25-35 grams depending on the day, so I don’t think that’s the culprit…

I made the switch to standard Huel as I thought the higher carbs may help my energy levels throughout the day as I go back to work, I’m not so sure that would be the reason for the considerable difference in bloating and gas i’m experiencing though

I wonder what could be the difference between the ingredients of the two? I’m left to think maybe it’s the effect of sucrolose in standard Huel as that is not used in Huel Black…

May have jumped the gun in ordering a whole month supply of white haha. I do however still have a whole pouch of Black left, I’m considering switching back to that for a week to see if my stomach settles. Will be interesting to see.

My question to the Huel team would be, is there any known difference between the two products ingredients that may cause this kind of stomach upset?

Every change in diet often results in bloating & gas and goes away after a while.

Observe it over time, and note if it gets better or worse.

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You’re right and I understand this, though what I find interesting is when I started using huel near two months ago I started with huel black at 1200 calories right off the bat with no digestive issues at all inspite that change in diet

It would therefor be strange to me to switch to what is almost the same product with a few adjustments and then experience the issue

kind of - but their primary ingredients are different - v3 has Oats as the main ingredient - Black uses Tapioca and has no oats.

True, I kinda ruled out the possibility of oats causing much of a digestive difference as before huel I had around a 50g serving of rolled oats day, but perhaps i suppose my intake will have significantly increased if they make up most of my grams of carbs throughout the day

I’ve switched back to huel black today and will continue until i’ve finished the pouch to note any difference

at least this might be interesting for anybody who might get the same reaction to standard huel and still wants to use huel in their diet

I’m sorry to hear this Luis.

It’s hard to say, it might be the Huel bar, the higher carbs or something unrelated to Huel. Like @rikefrejut you’re best to keep an eye on this and it might be after a few days everything clears up.

That’s alright! I didn’t expect to get results enough to mention so soon, but I switched back to huel black yesterday and today and almost immediately it’s like I have had no trouble at all!

just doing a little google research, it points to me that perhaps the much higher carb intake from oats and combination with sucrilose in huel white might have been a bit of a shock to the system

From my experience i wouldnt say changing diet causes necessary bloating and gas.
I found that i experienced bloating and gas when i moved to the black huel and it never went so went back to white huel.
Am on a break from huel and have found have very little gas and bloating now

Could you not just mix the 2 together? Say half a pouch of Huel Black same flavour poured into a Huel White same flavour shaken around?