Bloating and loss of appetite

Ive been using huel on an intermittent fasting diet but I have noticed that I just dont feel hungry whatsoever and have to conciously take huel and I am bloated to high heaven finding it difficult to fart, use the toilet (no2) and burp. Its strange because before huel my appetite was over the top I was always hungry and snacking withing hour or two after a main meal. But I just have zero appetite and bloating while im on huel and fasting, I thought I’d be ravenous but no. Is this a normal adjustment thing with diet change or is there something in the huel powder drinks and savoury meals that could be causing it. Anyone else had a similar reaction? Sorry to be so crude but if I could just feel hungry have a big dump and good old fart id feel less concerned. Hypochondria level 1 billion after searching on google.

Yes, when people start on a change like Huel they can feel some bloating and discomfort which will normally pass as your gut adjusts. make sure you drink plenty of water in between meals to compensate for the large increase in fibre and the carbs and protein will also have a different effect on your appetite.

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Thanks for your reply, Im just bemused at the loss of appetite as normally I could eat a house or just think about food and start feeling peckish. Even when Ive been ill in the past ive never lost my appetite so this is strange for me.

Hey, to be transparent, with the amount of fibre in Huel, people often find starting gradually is easier on their gut. If you don’t mind me asking, how much Huel are you consuming per day?