Huel and appetite

For the longer term users of Huel who occasionally eat. Have you found when you do eat ‘real’ meals that the volume of food you can consume is significantly a lot less than before huel?

Coming from intermittent fasting where the meals were quite high in volume, I built up quite an ability to eat big meals but with the recent switch to huel I’ve noticed my ability to eat has gone down and wondering if Huel is a factor in this?


When eating at I’d usually easily demolish a three-course meal, but now two-courses are enough!

I’m also happier with smaller portions whereas before I might be inclined to fill the plate :smiley:

In all honesty, nope. Before I started Huel at 107KG I could eat a 14" pizza from ASDA in one sitting with space left. At 80KG after Huel I can still do the same, which is nice for the occasional treat :wink:

I haven’t found any change in my capacity at all, but that’s different to my appetite. My appetite has gone up, so I’m hungry more often. I attribute that to extensive weight training, however.

I feel like using HUEL has allowed me to treat food as fuel, rather than feeling like I deserve a BIG plate of something very NICE every meal.

So I certainly find HUEL fills me up, but its been more the change to my attitude towards food that is helping me. I’m currently 5:2 fasting, and compared to doing fasting in the past I find my non-fast days are far far less likely to be bingey.

Now, on a non-fast day, lunch is 3 scoops of HUEL, no debate, no temptation. Previously, I would have been stood in Pret choosing between many mostly less healthy options. It now strikes me as pretty dumb to walk in to a shop selling you food when you’re trying to follow any sort of diet. It 's now obvious to me that using HUEL means a certain amount of control is regained.