Solid Food Makes Me Hungry

Ive been using Huel for about a week. During the day Im using Huel 3x 100g and a 500cal evening meal which comes to 1700cal I am trying to lose weight but very gradually, ive estimated I burn roughly 2000cal a day. My issue is that during the day I feel full im not having any cravings huel is 100% satisfying me, everything is great. Then I eat my evening meal and half an hour later im super starving hungry and it does not go away ! Can anyone shed any light on whats happening ? Im considering maybe having my 500cal dinner for lunch instead to see it that changes things or I might actually have to go full Huel as solid food seems to make me more hungry!

My 500cal meal consists of vegetables, potatoes or pasta and some sort of meat free option as im vegetarian. I also drink around 2 to 2 and half litres of water a day.

Any advice / suggestions would be awesome thank you :slight_smile:

Not really, looks like you are doing everything correctly. I never have this problem, in fact often the opposite and am too full and have a (healthy) snack rather than a full evening meal.

I’d say a majority of Huel users have Huel during the day split across 2 or 3 meals and an evening meal, and I don’t think there have been many other similar issues mentioned. Of course you are using 2000cal but only replenishing 1700 so there is a deficit. It could be that your estimate of calorie intake before Huel is not quite right, so your body is complaining about that.

Maybe it will go away after a few weeks

Try to shift your caloric consumption more towards the end of the day.

Interesting, I think I know what you mean. If I exercise in the mornings I will have Huel, but if I don’t I will have a breakfast of eggs, granary toast and a selection of vegetables - usually tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms. This all comes to about 800 kcal but I’m hungry by 11.

However if I exercise and then have 500kcal meal of Huel I am significantly more full and can often forget to have my second breakfast.

I thought my breakfast of eggs etc. should be fairly satiating with lots of protein from eggs and fibre from the veg and bread. But Huel seems to do the trick far better.

I guess it’s just Huel for the win!

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