90% Huel diet reducing appetite?

I’ve been consuming c.90% Huel since the 7th of November. The other 10% I’ve stuck to a vegetarian diet. It’s been pretty much plain sailing (apart from one Sunday I decided to have a desert, back on Huel the next day…that shall forever be known as “Black Monday”). I am well and truly done with refined/non natural sugars…the game is over.

I have noticed in the last few days that I’ve not needed as many drinks to see me through the day. I’m trying to keep up c.2000kcal on non gym days, c.2400kcal on gym days. However on the non-gym days I’m drinking Huel when I’m really not hungry.

Any feedback for folk doing something similar? Have you noticed this?

Great to hear how much Huel is benefiting you and your lifestyle, thanks a lot! Huel is extremely filling and as I have said before, on the days I have Huel for breakfast and lunch I’m far more full than when I have a whole food breakfast.

That doesn’t explain why that wasn’t happening at the beginning though. I expect it is just because your body is getting used to Huel and not craving the sugars it used to. Although I’m no expert!

Hope you continue to enjoy Huel!

I have a similar experience and I wonder if its the oats perhaps as they tend to be very satiating as I’m drinking 1600 calories a day and have normal non vegeterarian food to the tune of 400-800 calories and still struggling to get through the huel.

Its not a bad thing but it does feel odd.

Yea, it’s quite an odd sensation.

I was trying to explain to my wife last night that when I’m hungry (missed a meal + a few hours later); I no longer have an association for a particular food type. I don’t seem to have the same cognitive link between hunger and food. Whilst I’m fully aware that any type of food will relieve the hunger, my brain/body doesn’t seem to be favouring a quick fix, despite not having eaten for 5/6hrs.

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I would say, if you feel well and healthy and you are not hungry, then don’t eat for the sake of it. Have only as much Huel as your body tells you it needs. That’s what I think, but it’s only my opinion. If you are trying to lose weight and you are coping just fine on 400 calories less per day, I can’t see anything wrong with that, but everything right with it.

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