Appetite has gone a little out of whack since getting Huel

Hey, has anyone else had experiences of their appetite becoming quite unstable since getting Huel?

I’ve been replacing 2/3 meals per day, sometimes 1/3 if dinner is already made by the other half when I get home from work.

I’ve not found myself feeling properly hungry in about 4 days since starting, when normally I’d have 2 weetabix in the morning and be ravenous by 11am. Yesterday all I fed the bed for was a bacon sandwich for breakfast then nothing until 5pm when I had 2 scoops which is only 300ish calories.

Huel seems to sit very high on my stomach and make me lose all sense of appetite. Is this just my body getting used to actual nutrients instead of the pretty terrible diet it’s used to?

Anyone had similar experiences and do they fade a little in?

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Complete and utter opposite for me. Not once have I eaten Huel and felt satisfied for the rest of the day; I actually feel very hungry.

I wonder, could you possibly have a bad batch considering it feels as though it’s sitting high on your stomach?

I used to have cereal for breakfast and would be counting down til lunch. Now I have 2 scoops for breakfast and it can get to 2pm and I realised I’ve not have lunch so have another 2 scoops then.

Sometimes I get hungry just before dinner and I have a healthy meal and that’s me sorted for the rest of the evening. No snacking at all!

I’ve taken it that my body has became used to the decent food rather than the meal deals I used to give it, and I’m feeling a lot better for it all too.

I don’t think so as it tastes fine. I think it’s probably just shock to the system as I had a LOT of carbs before.

I’ll give it a few more days and see how I feel, sounds like at least one other person is similar.

When we were kids, my parents used to forbid us from eating anything sweet, inside a certain period of time before sitting down for dinner. They would tell us, “Unh-Uh, Mister! You’d better not eat that Jaw Breaker right now. It’ll spoil your appetite! And you won’t want any dinner!

Or like how when my brother would always beg to have his favorite dessert —Apple Pie With A Slice Of Cracker Barrel Cheddar Cheese On Top — as his main course, before eating his meat and spinach like the rest of us had to. And pops would go, “What’s the matter with you, boy! Are you trying to spoil your appetite?

The concept of “spoiling your appetite” by eating candy, cookies, chewing gum, or anything sweet — might be only an American thing. But I’m convinced that the sweetness of all of these meal replacement drinks, have a significant contribution to inducing the perception of satiety — in the brain.

Of course, it’s not only the sweetness that makes our brains perceive that our stomachs are full. The presence of fat and fiber in the system, contribute to that perception too.

Those crafty food scientists and nutritionist boffins can engineer the sugar, fat and salt in foods in the precise combinations to make you never feel sated — and to always crave the food and uncontrollably eat more and more of it. That’s how your junk foods work — in a nutshell.

Then logically they can also flip that, and engineer the sugar, fat and fiber contents of foods — and food-like powders — to the precise proportions that spoil your appetite.

Yup! They’ve got the concepts behind my parent’s pre-mealtime admonishings, down to a science!

Now. Some people are more susceptible to those effects — cravings on one hand or spoiled appetite on the other. Some less so.