Magic Hunger

Hi there, I just started using Huel last week. 2 meals a day and an old fashioned, out-dated chewing based dinner! One thing I have noticed more than anything else is that it leaves me feeling really full and satisfied for a long period of time, breakfast through till lunch easily, and then in an instant i’m starving! It’s like it sits in my stomach for its allotted time to digest then all vanishes like magic in a moment leaving me scrabbling for my shaker!

Anyone else experienced this magic and immediate hunger?

So pleased to hear Huel is filling you up for a good amount of time, despite it then brazenly disappearing. I actually get this with porridge and stopped having it for breakfast as at around 10am I went full blown hangry. It must be the oats, but I don’t know much about why with some foods the satiety ‘disappears’ faster than with other foods.

Perhaps you need some Bars in your back pocket :wink:

I have the same thing.
I got my huel around 7am, and feel full until around 11am. Then suddenly, I’m super hungry! I usually try to leave with it for another hour (I believe it’s a good thing to be a bit hungry).
On another note, I kind of do have that whatever I eat in the morning.
You could get a fruit/snack at 11am in order to help for the last hour if it’s too hard :slight_smile: